HC Steel Wire Rope Electric Hoist 16-32T

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    Brief introduction

On the basis of CD/MD, there is large tonnage wire rope electric hoist HC type. Such as 16 ton, 20 ton, 32 ton. It can be mounted on single beam, bridge, gantry and Jib cranes, With slight modification, it can also be used as a winch. It is widely used in factories, mines, harbour, ware houses, cargo storage are as and shops, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions

1: HC-model electric wire rope hoist is a new large lifting capacity hoist.
 Lifting capacity is 8t ~ 63t, lifting height is 6m ~ 96m, working-level is M3 ~ M6, suitable for electrical connection sustained rate of 25 ~ 50%, connecting times is 120 ~300 per hour and frequent starts and stops working.
2: Working Conditions:
 Altitude less than 1000m.
 Working environment temperature is -25°C ~ +40 °C.
 Air relative humidity of not more than 85% (+25 °C), non-corrosive gases, high temperatures should not be lifting or toxic, flammable and explosive materials.
 Power rated voltage of 380V, rated frequency is 50Hz.

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Drawings and parameters of HC Electric Wire Rope Hoists are for reference only. Directly to get accurate and clear drawings and parameters


Product Name: HC Electric Hoist 10t
 Lifting Weight: 1t-32t
 Lifting Height: 6m-45m
 Working Level: A4

HC electric hoist is a large lifting capacity. High-working-level electric wire rope hoist, the product can achieve a variety of lifting specifications and different working levels through the change of the pulley unit magnification, which can meet the customer's requirements to the utmost.


Wirerope motor hoist Hoisting /Lifting mechanism

a.Lifting motor drives rope drum rotating through coupling and hollow shaft of reducer, which makes the wire rope on the rope drum driving the hook unit up and down.
b.If lift height is 6m, a claw coupling is used to link the motor shaft and input shaft of reducer.
c.If lift height is or more than 9m, intermediate shaft and rigid coupling are added.
d.If lift height is or more than 18m, a carriage is used to enhance the rigidity of intermediate shaft.

Lifting motor

Lifting motor uses tapered rotor motor with strong staring torque to adapt frequent direct staring in the intermittent work. HC type hoist uses ZD type single speed motor and MD1 type hoist uses ZDS type double speed motor. The ratio of ZDS type motor's constant speed and slow speed is 10:1

Speed reducer

Cap 2t hoist uses straight tooth planetary gear reducer and the rest are using helical gear three stage reducer. Gear and shaft are made by alloy steel and high carbon steel and through proper heat treatment to ensure its reliability and service life. Box body and cover is made of cast iron to ensure hoist's good damping performance and reliable sealing.

Wirerope motor hoist Rope Drum

Rope Drum is made of cast iron or seamless steel tube, using/with the help of spline transferring power. The sell of rope drum is welded with steel plate.
Rope drum is the central heart of a hoist. The upper side is linked with traveling mechanism through equalizing beam. Both ends are connected with lifting brake and motor respectively. The lower side works together with hook through wire rope. Up front of the cover, limiting stopper guide-rod and heavy punch stop block are installed.

Steel Wire Rope: 
 1.  GB/T 20118-2006(6*37+1) hoisting wire rope;
 2.  Anti-tensile, good flexibility;
 3.  Good resistance to impact, long lifetime.

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Lifting hook

Lifting hook is forged with specialized steel.In the use of trust ball bearing, lifting hook is linked with sheel through hook beam making lifting hook go slick. If lift capacity is five ton or less than five ton, slide wheel is single. If lift capacity is ten ton or more than ten ton, slide wheels are double.

 1.  20 high quality carbon steel;
 2.  High security, triple static load;
 3.  Spring-loaded sturdy safety catch, ensuring slings not release;
 4.  Safe and reliable.

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Electric device

The electric device of HC model hoist consists of electric control box, button switch, Limiting stopper, connecting wires and so on.
The normal operating voltage of button switch is 380V or 36V. Pressing the correct button can control the hoist through controlling on and off of the relay in the control box, according to the direction symbols on the button switch.

1-20ton electric mine hoist product parameters:


Lifting Height

Lifting Speed

Travel Speed

   Wire Rope

Wire Rope

No.of connecting                                   

Working System

  Power Source








 Intermediate  FC=25%

 Three phase AC380V 50hHz








 Intermediate     FC=25%

Three phase AC380V 50hHz








 Intermediate     FC=25%

Three phase AC380V 50hHz








 Intermediate     FC=25%

Three phase AC380V 50hHz

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Packaging & Shipping

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