Control wiring for PA300 hoist

Keyword:PA 300 micro electric rope hoist   Time:2021-1-26 10:36:01

Customer: I have a PA 300 micro electric rope hoist that stopped working. The manual said there may be a loose wire in the control switch. In fact there was two lose wires. The black wire from the capacitor and a white wire coming from the motor cord. It was self-explanatory where the black wire went as it was loose but still under the contact screw. However, the white wire was completely disconnected but look like it attached to a particular post due to its proximity and length.  I reconnected it as shown in the attached photo, upper right hand corner. I’m afraid to try it without knowing if this is correct. Please advise.

Control wiring for PA 300 micro electric rope hoist.jpg

RAMHOIST:Pls check below:

Right way of Control wiring for PA300 hoist1.jpg

Video of Control wiring for PA hoist:

Customer: Thank you for your quick response. However, none of the views on the link that you provided match the controller as shown in the picture I sent you. Hopefully there’s another link you can send me showing the controller I have.


Right way of Control wiring for PA300 hoist5.jpg

Right way of Control wiring for PA300 hoist6.jpg

Customer: Thank you again for responding so quickly but again the added controller picture is not the one I have. See attached photos.
The one I have has a capacitor in the controller housing. The wires coming from the motor are white yellow blue and red.
The controller photo you sent has no capacitor in the housing and the wires coming from the motor are white yellow green and black.
If a photo of our configuration is not available, another way to resolved our issue is if you could assure us that the white wire in our photo is attached to the correct terminal. We know all of the other
wires are where they’re supposed to be. Please advise

Control wiring for PA300 hoist7.jpg

Control wiring for PA300 hoist8.jpg

RAMHOIST: we found your wiring do not have any problem, pls try a new one