Inquiry about 2.5t Electric Wire Rope Hoist from U.S.

Keyword:2.5t Electric Wire Rope Hoist   Time:2021-4-19 8:46:14

Customer: Please see below request and advise if this is a product you can quote, Thank you
Electric Wire Rope Hoist requested.png

RAMHOIST: May i know your quantity pls, thanks

Customer: Qty is 1 each, Thank you

RAMHOIST: 1700 USD/unit (type: CD1-03S)

technical details:

CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists made in china.jpg

Customer: Thank you..this does not seem to meet the specifications of lifting height of 45m, the working class of M4 or traversing power of 0.4kw, do you have anything to offer that will meet these specifications?

RAMHOIST: we have consider this, price is based on lifting height of 45m, the working class of M4 and traversing power of 0.4kw, our link is the normal one, while you are the special one.

Customer: I see, thank you