Inquiry about electric winch (mini electric wire rope hoist) from Germany

Keyword:electric winch (mini electric wire rope hoist)   Time:2021-4-20 8:52:13

Message SubjectInquiry about Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.
Message ContentDear Sir or Madam,

My name is Stefan Ognjenovic and I am working for German, E-commerce company New ***. We are looking for product electric winch. I would like to send inquiry for that product but I couldn't find your email address. Can you send me an mail to stefan.ognjenovic@new-***.com or you can send me here your contact.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

RAMHOIST: pls send the detailed request of electric winch that i can work accordingly, thanks

Customer: Thank you for your mail. 
I am sending in attachment inquiry (below). Can you fulfill it?


RAMHOIST: Dear Stefan. 

Below is the offer etc of electric winch (mini electric wire rope hoist)

ESW-RAMHOIST offer.xlsx

Customer: Thank you for reply and this quotation. 
What would be with price if we order double quantity (100 pcs)?
For next few months we, as company, will use just LC as terms of payment? Did you use letter of credit before and would you be able to accept? 

RAMHOIST: It will be 2% discount if 100 pcs.

At this moments we only accept TT payment, thanks

Customer: I will contact you in case that we change from LC to TT. 

RAMHOIST: could we work together this time? thanks

Customer: Thank you for your reminder. 
Your prices are not competitive, also we use just LC as terms of payment. If something change, I will send you an email. 

RAMHOIST: May i know your target price, thanks

Customer: 10$ less for all items.

RAMHOIST: we can but need 100% TT payment advance

Customer: According to me I would like to use payment terms 100% TT payment advance, but my boss requires from us just LC. If something changes I will let you know.

RAMHOIST: Could we get 30% TT advance and balance LC at sight?

Customer: My name is Nebojsa Radulovic, working for a big e-commerce company located in Germany. 
I am a colleague of Stefan Ognjenovic, he used to speak with you about Electric Winch. Now, I am on this project, and I would like to ask you about prices. 
I will attach you our inquiry, and please be so kind and fill it up for me? 

Inquiry electric Winch.xlsx

RAMHOIST: Hi Nebojsa Radulovic- 
below is the offer.

ESW-RAMHOIST offer(updated).xlsx

Customer: I will check it today. 

Because I am new on this project, I have to research everything again. I would like to know a bit more about your company, how long you are in business and how many employees you have?
If you can, will be perfect to send me videos of your company and factory(manufacturing process). Would you be so kind and write on the paper my name, record it in front of company and factory and make videos of everything? 
It will be nice if you can to provide me a business license? 
RAMHOIST: you can check our company video in our website:
Customer: Sorry for the late reply. I was on vacation.
We stopped this product, maybe we will start again in October.