Inquiry about 2000 kg Wire Rope Electric Hoist with Complete Assembly from Bangladesh

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We are supplier Industrial products in Bangladesh, please give us your best price offer "Wire rope electric hoist with complete assembly".
The technical details and drawing are given below.
 Wire Rope Electric Hoist with Complete Assembly:
Capacity: 2000 kg
Hoisting Height: 10 meter
Hoisting Speed : 8 m/min
Traveling Speed : 20 m/Min
Power Supply : 380V, 50HZ with Electrical Control Panel
Working rate: M5 Jc
Coupling frequency: 240 p/h
Hoisting motor power: 4.5 kw
Relative Velocity : 1380 r/min
Ratio of Hoisting Reducer: 69 i
winding dram Diameter: 260 mm
Wire Rope : 13 NA T6X37 + FC1670ZS
Traveling motor power: 0.4 kw
Relative velocity : 1380 r/min
Wheel Diameter: 134 mm
Ratio of Traveling Reducer : 28.2 i
Type of installing and operation:Traversing Type
Radius of Ring Rail : 1.8 m
Wheel load : 1650 kg
Name plate: Stainless Steel
Qty- 01 Set
 Payment system : 100% TT

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RAMHOIST: This one is with Ring Rail whose price is higher than with normal straight rail: 800USD/unit
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