Inquiry about CD1/MD1 Electric Wire rope Hoists from Georgia

Keyword:CD1/MD1 Electric Wire rope Hoists   Time:2021-4-25 14:28:31

Customer: We are construction Company "***-Group" from Tbilisi, Georgia.We are interested in your Product CD1/MD1 Electric Wire rope Hoists.

Could you please send us technical specifications of Electrical Hoist Model CD1, where will be mentioned next items:

·     single girder trolley with electric wire-rope hoist

·    design according to FEM/DIN 15020, driving gear rating 1 Bm;

·    three-phase asynchronous motor according to IEC-standard;

·    protection type IP 54;

·   insulation class F;

·   operating mode S 1;

·  external cooling;

·   thermo-element in coil for motor protection;

·   overload safety clutch to prevent lifting of a load exceeding the SWL. There must be an acoustic warning signal. Lowering of load, however, must be possible.

·  limit switch for upper and lower lifting position;

·  trolley wheels running on sealed roller bearings;

· hook to be of the swivel type.

·  through suspended push-button board incl. emergency “off” pushbutton;

·  control board moveable along crane girder, protection type IP 65;

·  high-tensile endless lifting chain according to DIN 5684-GK8;

·  overload clutch to prevent lifting of load exceeding the SWL.

·  hoist trolley according to DIN 15018;

·   trolley wheels of special graphite cast iron with anti-friction bearings sealed for life;

If it will be possible officially to submit us technical specifications of Electrical Hoist Model CD1 which meets the above mentioned requirements, our Company will get an opportunity to cooperate with you to purchase different type of Elec. Hoists. 

RAMHOIST: Dear Vakhtang Burchuladze
pls check the technical details of CD1/MD1 Electric Wire rope Hoists in this link:
but some items you list is for electric chain hoist, pls see this link:

Customer: Please be informed that at this moment we stooped works for some reasons and we will contact you in 2-3 months.