Inquiry about Remote controllers of PA700 hoists from U.S.

Keyword:Remote controllers of PA700 hoists   Time:2021-4-27 8:45:02

Message SubjectInquiry about 1-Phase 220V/230V PA400 PA500 PA700 PA800 PA1000 Mini Home Used Electric Cable Winch Hoist with Remote Control an
Message ContentI have 4 PA700 hoist that I need replacement Remote controllers for. Do you have the remote controls and can you sell me a total of 4 new controllers. And if you can what would be the US dollar price.

Brian Sulfridge
Maintenance Supervisor
City of Lafayette IN
RAMHOIST: Dear Brian Sulfridge
Remote controller + control pendant for PA hoist: 25 USD/unit
Remote controller + contactor + control pendant for PA hoist: 32 USD/unit

Customer: I would like to purchase 4 of the remote controllers and contractors for 25 usd each for a total of 100.00 usd. What do I need to order these please. Thanks for the help.

RAMHOIST: remote controllers and contractors is 32USD each, do you have agent or friend in china that we can send, or we will send you by express to your country

Customer: My apologies.  32 each is fine. And I do not have anyone in China to use unfortunately.

RAMHOIST: tell me your detailed address then i will ask the express for you, PI has sent to your email

Customer: Very sorry for the delays. The Christmas season has everything slowed down here.
Do you except credit cards for payment.

RAMHOIST:we do not have credit card, would you pls send to paypal:
our paypall account:

Customer: I will have our accounting department check to see how they can use the PayPal account. This may take a few days due to the holidays.  I will let you know as soon as I speak to them.