PA1200 20’ cable, 6’ remote wired or wireless remote. 2600lb double line pull

Keyword:PA1200 mini hoist   Time:2021-5-4 21:05:58

Customer: I’m looking for a new supplier.

Need a PA1200  20’ cable, 6’ remote wired or wireless remote.  2600lb double line pull.

What is your best price on our first order of 20?

Where do these ship out of?

What is shipping cost?  All costs?

150 USD/unit (with remote control, FOB china)
it ship out of china port.
RAMHOIST: i need to know your port for picking up then i will ask the freight.

Customer: Whats your best quote?

RAMHOIST: may I know u quantity pls, thanks

Customer: 50,100

RAMHOIST: PA1200  20’ cable, 6’ remote wired or wireless remote.  2600lb double line pull.
90 USD/unit 
24 USD/unit for wireless remote
the price is based on FOB china
RAMHOIST: below is the updating price:
PA1200  20’ cable, 6’ remote wired or wireless remote.  2600lb double line pull.
71 USD