Remove steel housing, hook and other accessories of Mini electric wire rope hoist PA100 from South Korea

Keyword:Mini electric wire rope hoist PA100   Time:2021-5-9 9:46:58

Dear Mr. Yang:

Wish your health against corona.


Since PA100 0.18KW 60Hz would be mounted on followed drawing,

so there some check points should be verified.

  1. 108.5mm distance from motor housing joint hole to wire rope drum end.

  2. 61.5mm distance between motor housing joint hole

  3. Wire rope 8M, diameter 2.5mm

  4. Cable length 1.5M for both pendent control and power, black color

  5. Wire rope finished with sleeve and thimble without hook


As you may understand, no need of steel housing, hook and other accessories.

no need of steel housing for mini hoist

Please send me your best quotation with photo of requested product to check.

RAMHOIST: thanks for the calling and concern, thing are tuning better now.

we find the PA100 can not matach the hole in your drawing, this is simple to hanlde, just weld the PA100 to your drawing when it arrived to your side.
42 US $/unit (without steel housing, hook and other acessories)
no photos now since factory is closed now, you can check several photos in our website:

Customer: Thank you for your quick response.

Even without some parts and accessories, price is too high to evaluate B2B supply.

It looks importer price is much competitive than direct import price.

And please think it over why we send you the drawing and remove some parts and accessories.

We are not a whole-sales company but industrial supplier. It will be good for both of us,

when you consider your price for cost evaluation of trial order.

Later you can get bigger volume for regular supply.


And please let me know the dimension of hole, it cannot be welded but should be jointed.

It would be considered to change mounting plate design, if price is competitive.


RAMHOIST: since for sample order 15 pcs, the proportion of freight to sea port and custom cost is higher than bulk order, that result in price is higher than bulk order.
may i know your target price for bulk order?
below are photos of holes

PA200 mini electric hoist measurement3.jpg

Customer: It’s good. We’re getting closer. Let’s go further together.


Product model is PA-100 not PA-200.

On your photo image was PA-200 which means that hole distance is not the one I want.


Trial order quantity is 50 sets.


Please let me have your best quotation as standard format.

It is very difficult to understand “terms and conditions” and others.

RAMHOIST: PA100 is made by PA200, they are same.
40 USD/unit (FOB china)
Pls also confirm the power supply is 220V/60HZ/1 phase

Customer: How about PA50/100? You have it?

We want 50kgs with single wire.

RAMHOIST: no, 100KG is the min. capacity in the market now

Customer: PA-50/100 is closed.

See you later.