Need 5 ton over crane rope high 9 meter double grider from Cambodia

Keyword:5 ton over crane   Time:2021-5-14 21:55:23

Message SubjectInquiry about Hitachi Size Electric Wire Rope Lifting Hoist
Message ContentGood evening I am interested in over crane hoist.
Inquired Product

Hitachi Size Electric Wire Rope Lifting Hoist
Hitachi Size Electric Wire Rope Lifting Hoist

Purchase Quantity1 Pieces

RAMHOIST: May I know what’s the capacity of over crane hoist (sling type: wire rope) and quantity?

Customer: Good evening I am sorry for late reply. I need 5 ton over crane rope high 9 meter double grider. Could I add your wechart?

RAMHOIST: (86)17302568001

I assume you need the total Double girder overhead cranes, not just wire rope hoist, In this case, I need to know the span of the girder, thanks

2300 USD/unit (FOB china), standard rail gauge: 1.2m

below is photo.


Customer: I am very sorry for late reply. Could i got your wechart contact number?

Heare is my contact number

RAMHOIST: I have added u, my name is ramhoist

Customer: Good evening Yang. I am interested in Double grider hoist 5ton,7.5ton,10ton high 9meter. Do you supply that? what king of hoist if you supply?

Could I see some picture?Could i got quotation of that?

Good evening Yang I am sorry for late reply. Could I get Catalog of your product especially is hoist ?

RAMHOIST: Ouch Ladarith

May I know below double girder wire rope hoist is ok for you?

More details of this hoist pls check our website:

Await for your reply


Customer: Thanks you let me check. 

Hi. Do you supply this kind of hoist.?


RAMHOIST: Yes, Double grider hoist 5ton of this kind: 2920 US $/unit (FOB china)

Customer: Good morning. Normally how many days you can dilevery after get payment? 

RAMHOIST: 25 days for normal power 380V/50hz/3P

Customer: Thanks you for your information. 

RAMHOIST: could we work together?

Customer: Good afternoon yang. Yes  i will cooperate with you.

Customer: Thanks you yang. I am really want to Cooperate with you.

but the problem is that Customer need short time after contract.

I don't have enough time for customer. but later i will buy in stock.

RAMHOIST: How are you?

Customer: Good evening. I am fine thank you. about hoist no have any order yet. I will contact you back soon.