Where the wires go after the remote wires have been pulled out for PA800 hoist winch

Keyword:PA800 hoist winch   Time:2021-6-10 9:48:39

Customer: Hello


I have a PA800 hoist winch, and the remote wires have been pulled out, can you send a photo of the control box to show where the wires go please

RAMHOIST: pls check this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/1723.html

Customer: Thanks for your fast reply. Those colours are different to ours.


Please see attached photos. Can you assist in re connecting these please?

RAMHOIST: The middle is the main line, find the thickest line, find the thickest line and connect it, then connect it to the middle, connect the two sides casually

 中间的是主线最粗的找下把最粗的那根线找到接上去, 接中间两边的随便接

Customer: Are you able to help me put the wires back in? I need to know what colour wire goes where. Please explain


wiring diagramm of PA hoist.jpg

Customer: Thank you, but that doesn’t help me, can you translate the picture to English please


wiring diagramm of PA hoist(translate).jpg