Looking for Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist from Singapore

Keyword:Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist   Time:2021-8-6 15:47:40

Gek Ching



F400733 [SG] 新加坡求购电线(Electric Wire Rope Hoist)

  This is Gek Ching from Advanced Engineering Group. Im currently looking for
 Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist. Please look at *** document. Please let me know if you can supply these item to me. 
  If you can supply. Please drop an email to me.I will send you the documents. 
  Kindly quote me asap so that we can work together. Hopefully can receive your quote by this 23/11/13 as its urgent. So please understand. Thank you.

  Name: First Name Last Name 
  Company: Advanced Engineering Group 
  Address: Singapore 
  Country: Singapore 
  Phone: 65-515-5663