Inquiry about Grab crane main hoist helical gearbox 3 stage main hoist helical gearbox, input power: 7.5kw, 1200 rpm, ratio : 81.13:1 speed - 8 meters / minute capacity - 5 ton from India

Keyword:main hoist helical gearbox   Time:2021-8-27 9:43:42

咨询产品:  CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists
客户姓名:  Gerard
手机号码:  98867 16433
客户留言:  Hi - Can you please quote for gearbox with the following specifications: GRAB CRANE MAIN HOIST HELICAL GEARBOX 3 STAGE MAIN HOIST HELICAL GEARBOX , INPUT POWER : 7.5KW, 1200 RPM, RATIO : 81.13:1 Speed - 8 meters / minute Capacity - 5 ton Attached is the picture of the same. 


Gerard Christopher 

AG Engineering Solutions 

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RAMHOIST: Regret we do not supply spare parts separately, we only supply whole hoist or crane, thanks

Customer: What is the cost of the complete hoist similar to the picture attached? 

complete hoist.jpg

RAMHOIST: need to know the capacity and lifting height

Customer: 5 ton and 10 meters

RAMHOIST: 1315 USD/unit  (type: CD1-05S)

technical brochure:

Customer: What is the difference between CD1  and MD1 models ?

RAMHOIST: CD1 is single speed for lifting, while MD1 is dual speed for lifting

Customer: Both vertical lift and horizontal movement possible? 

RAMHOIST: default horizontal movement is single speed, but can be made dual speed

Customer: What is weight of the unit including packing ?

Please also tell me the freight cost by air to India , Zipcode 560084

RAMHOIST: 500KG, can not transported by air, only can be transported by sea