Quote for 3.5 t european electric hoist and JP TYPE electric hoist both with remote control for Pakistan

Keyword:european electric hoist, JP TYPE electric hoist   Time:2021-11-18 14:16:39

We need 3.5 t european electric hoist with lifting height 7m and remote control

Pls provide quotation

We are interested in you JP TYPE hoist as well

RAMHOIST: pls inform the capacity and lifting height of JP type electric wire rope hoist u need?

Customer: 3.5 tons 7m 

                5 tons 7m

quantity is 1 for both


Low headroom European type electric hoist    3.2t*9m 2650usd

                                                                    5t*9m 3450usd

Normal headroom European type electric hoist 3t*9m 1900usd

                                                                     6.3t*9m 2550usd

JP TYPE electric hoist 3t*8m 2350usd

                                  5t*8m 3500usd