Requirement of Electric Hoist, capacity 10T for 2421 Preheater KI 5786

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Dear Sir/Madam,


One of our client is in requirement of items as per below mentioned details and quantity.

Sr. No.

Item Description




Electric Hoist, Capacity 10T for 2421

P.R. Electric Hoist,

capacity 10T,

Lifting height 145m,

Lifting speed 733/sec

& Travelling speed 20m/sec

Required for pre heater Bucket elevator

Equipment No 2421.


Note: The selected supplier to recalculate the Structure load & suggest us possibility in the Hoist structure modification or to confirm if the same structure will be strong enough to withstand the load of the lifting weight. 





Please provide us offers according to below details.

  1. Our original Electrical Hoist is 5T; Its beam is designed on its capacity basis. However, if we install 10T Electric Hoist, What size of I- Beam the Supplier would suggest for us? For details, see below photo.

  2. Supplier to confirm that it is supplying Electric Hoist with anti-Twist Rope (Non rotating). Since the lifting distance is almost 150m, we suggest it to be Anti Rotating.  

Electric Hoist with anti-Twist Rope (Non rotating)

electric hoist 10ton.jpg

We request you to please send us your exclusive offer including below:-


1.            Ex-Works Price

2.            Country of origin        

3.            Delivery period

4.            Freight cost up to U.A.E basis

5.            Validity period

6.            Data sheet of offered items

7.            Weight of offered items

8.            Warranty/ Guarantee

9.            Worldwide reference list of supply.


Looking forward to your prompt response.




RAMHOIST: Pls confirm the lifting speed 733/sec & Travelling speed 20m/sec? normally for electric wire rope hoist 10ton, the lifting speed 7m/min & Travelling speed 20m/min, pls check the technical details of electric wire rope hoist:

Do you have pictures of your original Electrical Hoist 5T? thanks