ZD152-4/18.5 motor for 16T and 20T

Keyword:ZD152-4/18.5 motor   Time:2023-1-16 8:44:50

Customer: Hello good day from Cambodia 

Happy Chinese new year 2023

Pls help check this

RAMHOIST: ZD141-4 normally 7.5KW, while ZD152-4 normally 18.5KW, may i know what's the capapciy you used?

Customer: Customer needs 16T and 20T


ZD152-4-18.5 motor.jpg

Customer: This is 16 or 20T?

RAMHOIST: either 16 or 20T is ok

depends on the flange size

there are two flange size 530 and 450 for 18.5kw

Customer: Ok dear, will get u back . Thanks 

This job is new for me so need ur help to more explanation 

RAMHOIST: measure the flange diameter (it is data A in the drawing) and tell us