Inquiry about Rope guide for 2 tons electric hoist and 5 tons electric hoist from Vietnam

Keyword:Rope guide   Time:2023-9-14 19:02:42

Dear Sir,

Please send me an offer of:
1. Rope guide for 2 tons electric hoist, qty: 03 pcs 
2. Rope guide for 5 tons electric hoist with the Rope diameter: 16 mm and the guide ring diameter: 275 mm, the rope guide thickness: 47mm, qty: 02 pcs
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Nguyen Thu Minh (Ms.)

1. 用于2T 电动葫芦的导绳器 , 数量 : 03 套 
2. 用于5T 电动葫芦的导绳器,绳直径 16 mm 导绳环直径: 275 mm, 导绳器厚度: 47mm, 数量 : 02 套