NEW INQUIRY: FM/118/2352/0304/24 HUBEI HUA BO THREE-SIX MOTOR CO. LTD. from Malaysia

Keyword:Conical Rotor Brake Motor   Time:2024-3-29 8:13:58

Dear Mr. Yang,


Please quote and advise the estimated total weight of the following items:


  1. Qty: 1 Unit


To supply and deliver 1 unit of 15kW Motor as below.

MANUFACTURER : Hubei Huabo Three Six Motor Co.Ltd.

MODEL : ZDD62-4/16H

Please refer attached nameplate


Conical Rotor Brake Motor from Hubei Huabo Three Six Motor Co.Ltd..jpg


We appreciate it if you could get back to us before or on 1sr April 2024. Please let us know if you need any additional information to quote.




  1. Please confirm if the item you quote is exactly as per our request / you offer a replacement.

  2. Please provide details specifications for the item you quote.

  3. Please provide the weight and dimensions of each item.

  4. Kindly provide a catalogue/photo/datasheet/MSDS.

  5. Please advise delivery terms (EXW/DDP/DAP).

  6. Please advise of any hidden charges such as handling, packing charges, and so on.

  7. Please confirm the delivery time and delivery charges.

  8. Is it GENUINE or equivalent?

  9. Please advise the cost of the certificate of compliance / any relevant certificate available.

  10. Please advise warranty period.

  11. Please advise the validity of your quotation.

  12. Please advise Custom Tariff Code / HS Code.