Wire Rope PA type Mini Micro Electric Hoist 100kg to 1200kg 20m with Monorail Trolley and Emergency Stop

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Mini electric hoist is a super mini electric hoist, with 2 or 3 phase power, beautiful shape, its body is strong and durable, all internal gear are after high temperature quenching which increase the gear wear resistance and toughness; it has different name by many user, for example, mini electric wire rope hoist/crane, mini hoist, mini crane hoist, small electric lifter/hoist, small electric winch, mini portable crane. Using the most advanced technology, fine workmanship, the crane Hoist structure has the features of small size, light weight, high strength. Mini electric hoist is widely used for lifting and handling of goods in large workshop, warehouse, wharf, wind power, logistics, construction and other industries, which can also be used for heavy lifting, convenient work or repair of large machines.

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 1.Miniature electric hoist design clever, easy to use.

 2.When the weight limit is met up to stop automatically when ascension.

 3.If rope hoist motor overloaded, reverse ascension will stop working automatically.

 4.220V power source operation.

 5.For plug-in cord, easy to use.

 6.Hoist crane can rotate 360°which prevent wire rope twined.

 Adopt urgent stop switch and reinforced breaking switch position limit. The protection class is up to Ip54. It is with thermal prevention device

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 1. Miniature electric hoist design is smart and easy to use.

 2. When stop hit limit baffle, it will stop operation automatically.

 3. Reverse to ascend, such as wire rope hoist motor will automatically stop working.

 4. Improve hook design is divided into dynamic loading and static loading on board two kinds of state.

 5. Household 220 v power supply operation.

 6. The power cord is inserted type, easy to use.

 7. Hoist hook can rotate 360 °.

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 Detailed Display

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The mini electric hoists are extensively applied in modern industry production line, assembly transportation, electric manufacturing, electronic, automobile shipbuilding parts assembly and high-tech industrial areas. It has the excellent quality in the narrow spaces such as warehouse, docks, batching, cradle areas. It is the best supporting product of fixed and wall slewing crane. The mini electric hoist comes with all necessary mountings. Simply assembled then ready to use. Compact construction, lightweight, easy operation, it is a perfect tool for lifting small engines, transmissions, or building supplies in factories, warehouses and cargo berth.

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Product Caution

 1. Before using the micro electric hoist, please be sure to read the instructions carefully.

 2. The micro electric hoist elevator installation position must choose in consistent with the need, and easy operation.

 3. Regularly check whether the installation of the elevator.

 4. Please don't use, don't overload in unclear weight of lifting objects.

 5. When lifting can't be seen, tilt hanging heavy objects.

 6. It is forbidden to anyone standing below the object when hoist lifting.

 7.  Please wear thick gloves when use, please don't let the wire rope slip from your hands, lest cause slippery hurt or injured.

 8. Forbidden this elevator to carry people in any form.

 9. Operators can not operate when they are in alcohol, medication and illness condition.

 10.  Please do not arbitrarily weld the hoists parts.

 11. When the hoist lifting, it is important to ensure that at least 3 ring steel wire rope, rope cylinder force is too large to prevent the wire rope fell off the rope drum.