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VA lever hoist 0.75ton-9ton

VA type lever hoist is a kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance which is exceptionally convenient for working in narrow places, outdoor aloft work and pulling from different angles.

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  Compact, light yet durable
  Double-pawl brake system designed for safety and reliability
  Heat treated steel plates, gears and shafts for enhanced strength; Forged upper, lower hooks with forged steel safety latches; High Tensile Alloy Steel Chain
  Free-wheeling mechanism for quick chain adjustments
  Weston style automatic load brake with double pawl load reduction
  360° rotating handle of ease of use in confined space
  Idling mechanism to allow fast adjustment of load chain
  Safety factor: 4 to 1
  Fatigue tested at 1.5 times of working load limit to 2000 cycles
  Standard: EN 13157

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Packaging & Shipping

   1: How long does it take to execute my order?
   Please tell us the quantity and model number of the lever hoist or lever block you are about to order, so that we will give you a detailed schedule.
   2: How can I know the completion of my order?
   Upon receipt of the deposit, we will immediately arrange for the shipment, after the order is completed, we will also send you the detection images of your lever block before delivery for you to confirm.
   3: Can you arrange to deliver the lever hoist for us?
   Yes. When finish the orders, we will inform you and also we can arrange the shipping in the same time. There is LCL shipping and FCL shipping for different order term, the buyer also can choose Air-transport or Ocean shipping for your requirement. When your orders reach your local nearest Sea port or River port, the logistics company will in from you.
   4: Can you guarantee your products?
   Yes, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction on all our chain blocks and lever hoists.
   Please feel free to feed back to us immediately if you are not satisfied with our quality or service. If the product does not meet the contract requirements, we will send you a free replacement or give you compensation in the next order.

Lever block Package

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