SANS 1636:2007 Specification for Manually operated chain lever hoists

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SANS 1636:2007

Manually operated chain lever hoists

7 Marking

7.1 The following information shall be permanently and legibly marked on a suitable part of the

chain lever hoist:

a) the serial number;

b) the manufacturer's name or brand name; and

c) the WLL, in suitable SI units.

7.2 The load chain shall be marked with a batch number, manufacturers' trade name, mark or logo

and grade.

5.5 Manufacturing proof tests

Each chain lever hoist in a production run shall be subjected to the following tests:

a) the operational test (see 5.4.3); and

b) the proof load and braking test (see 5.4.4).

6 Test certificate

A test certificate that gives the following information shall be issued for each chain lever hoist


a) the serial number of the lever hoist;

b) the manufacturer's name, or brand name of the chain lever hoist assembly;

c) the working load limit (WLL);

d) the load chain size and grade;

e) the proof load;

f) the chain serial number (batch number);

g) the hook batch number;

h) the date of completion of the test and examination; and

i) compliance with this standard.

The certificate shall be signed by a person authorized by the manufacturer or supplier.

8 Documentation

Each chain lever hoist shall be supplied with the manufacturer’s recommendations, which shall

include the following information:

a) specifications;

b) operating and safety procedures;

c) inspection and reconditioning procedures;

d) safety critical component data including wear limits; and

e) spare part lists and exploded-view diagrams.


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