12m mobile electric hydraulic scissor man lift platform for aerial work with CE

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 The scissor lift is used where more workspace and lifting capability is required. With working  heights up to 20 meters and capabilities up  to 3000kg (2200lbs), they are designed to provide larger platform work areas and generally to allow heavier loads than boom lift.
 The Mobile scissor lift is a widely used professional equipment for aerial work, which mainly  used to lift workers to high place for repairs maintenance cleaning or installation and so on. You can move it easily to the right working area. The scissor lift for sale use high strength of rectangular tube structure, four-wheel mobile convenience, counter tops is wide, high bearing capacity, many people work the same time, making the aerial work safer, more efficient.
 Steady machine frame, durable and long life span
 The frame of this machine is welded by steel plate and pipe steel with firm structure, size accurate, the whole shape designs of machine is beautiful. With protection bracket and brakes on rear wheel, which are widely used in the fields of repair, production and packaging assembly line.
 What makes RAMHOIST mobile scissor lifts so special is that they can be battery operated. By using battery power, you won't need to connect to AC power, meaning that our mobile scissor lifts can be operated in areas that don't have access to electronic power. Our customers in remote locations love the functionality of our scissor lifts.

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 Detailed Description
 Mobile scissor lift is used to convey the goods from one working level to another, has lifting height ranging from 4m to 18m and loading weight from 500kg to 2000kg  with lifting mode of manually operating, electric battery and diesel oil etc. Explosion-proof electric apparatus can be chosen for special places, it has fast, efficient and safe ways to lift workers to higher areas. It is extremely easy to move the lift to the work area you need by way of handheld controls that can either be operated from ground level or on the work cage itself.  
 RAMHOIST mobile scissor lift adopts scissor type mechanic structure and wide operation platform  to bring high stability, high loading ability after being elevated, has made wider aloft work arrange and is suitable for simultaneous multi-worker operation
 Wide operation platform and high loading ability has made wider aloft work arrange and is suitable for simultaneous multi-worker operation.
 Mobile  scissor lift is mainly used to lift workers to high place for repairs, maintenance, cleaning or installation and so on. You can move it easily to the right working area. The Mobile Scissor Lift can be also equipped with battery. With the battery, you don't need to connect AC power, and you can let the mobile scissor lift at some work areas without power, which makes the machine walking very easy. Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lifting platform lift more stably, wide working platform and large loading capacity can make the work scope bigger, its suitable for several people working together.
 Also, this type of mobile scissor lift can be installed with the driven wheel to move it by hands without any hardness
 The control panels are available at the designated floors and on the platforms, Heavy capacity, platform size and lifting height can be chosen according your actual need.
 The lift has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not fit when the load  beyond its rated load capacity, its hydraulic system offers passengers smooth and comfortable transportation and different safety devices remove every hiding risk.

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 Best Suited For: 
 Our mobile scissor lifts are the perfect solution for transporting lifting workers to the spot where they need  to carry out maintenance work. RAMHOIST Mobile scissor lifts are the professional high-altitude operation equipment and can be used indoors or outdoors for aerial installation and maintenance in and on a variety of sites. That's why you're just as likely to find RAMHOIST mobile scissor lifts in hotels and grand halls as you are in sports stadiums, factories, workshops, warehouses, granary, bus or railway stations, airports, gas station and aerial pipelines.
 Scissor lifts are a type of aerial work platform (AWP) or mobile elevated work platform(MEWP), used to provide temporary access at height. They are commonly used for temporary maintenance purposes and to undertake construction work.
 Unlike some other types of elevated platform, scissor lift platforms can only move vertically, elevated by linked, folding supports in an "X"pattern, known as a pantograph. Pressure is applied to the external side of the lowest set of supports, which elongates the criss-crossing supports and raises the platform.
 As there are inherent limits in only being able to move vertically, the platform may be  fitted with a section that extends outwards to allow closer access to the required work area.
 They are typically fitted with wheels allowing them to be relocated.

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Product feature of mobile scissor lift:
 1.The mobile scissor lift is mainly used to lift workers to high place for repairs, maintenance, cleaning or installation etc.
 2.An ideal equipment of safety operation.
 3.It is characterized by great loading capacity, can be designed as your request.
 4.Move convenient, work easy and raise & fall stable.
 5.Local voltage can be customized.(110v,220v.380v,415v)
 6.Lift power: AC,DC or diesel available
 7.Battery drive is available, lower noise, non-pollution
 8.Turning radius is 0 suitable for narrow space working
 9.Automatic display of fault code for easy maintanence, with Low maintenance cost
 10.Lift stably and safely, Easy to control and can be moved easily
 11,Electric control, Less power consume, with Hydraulic Lift Drive / Actuation
 12.Small in size, used in narrow space, High strength aluminum alloy material
 13.High-intensity square Crossing framework, Big work table size, strechable table also be ok.
 14.Control methods: ground control and aerial control
 15.Emergency stop system is provided, when there is no power or malfunctions, manually descend the device
 16.Weight overload protection device is provided, Sensitive overload protection device and locking device for falling down
 17.Explosion –proof valve: prevent the hydro oil pipe from cracking, protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture, to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs.
 18.Overflow valve (Spillover valve) prevents the pressure too high when the machine rises up, prevents high pressure when the machine moves up, adjust the pressure.
 19.Emergency decline valve: it can let the machine falls down when power is off, can go down when meet emergency.
 20.Safety lock: the lift machine can’t work if your operation is wrong.
 21.High strength steel structures, smoothly lifting up and dropping down, easily move and operated, few faults. Max lift height  ranging from 4m to 20m,load capacity can be 300kg,500kg,1000kg,etc.
 22.Moving method: 4 wheel mobile or 2 wheel towable, auxiliary walking, etc.
 23.Tyres are optional, it could be pneumatic rubber tyres, solid rubber tires or polyurethane tires.
 24.Indoor Usage, Outdoor Usage, Longer usage time, No noise
 25.The safety rails to guarantee safety of the people above platform. 
 26.The limit switch system helps the lift table to stop at accurate position.
 27.Electricity leakage protection device is equipped on, all electric components are CE certified. 
 28. All the scissor lifts are passed 1.2 times loading test before leaving factory.
 29. Heavy Load Capacity, Large Platform Size, Four Strength Support Legs, Working duty is A3
 Advantages of mobile scissor  lift:
 1. Durability - The grade raw material used in manufacturing these lifts is sourced from top  vendors of the country. This is the reason for their structural strength.
 2.Simplicity - These lifts are very simple to operate as the workability and functioning of  these lifts is convenient for the operator from all aspects.
 3.Cost-Effective - Our products are always priced in a reasonable manner. You will never find them  overpriced in any way.

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Detailed images

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  Our service
  1.Good service
 We assure you reply the email within 24 hours.
 We assure you 12 mouth quality warranty time. 
 During the warranty period we guarantee to supply free replacement parts to any defective of our product 
  2.Keeping innovations 
 We welcome every recommendation and opinion from you and make progress together with you.
 We can design a new machine as your requirements, until to your satisfaction.

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