China factory supply hydraulic mobile scissor lift small electric scissor lift platform

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Introduction of Mobile Scissor Hydraulic Platforms
 This lift is made of high-duty rolled steel. It can be moved conveniently, and has bigger platform, bigger lifting capacity to take several people to work on it together.
 The usual power supply is external connection electricity variety of 220v, 380v, and it also can be equipped with handle control, in case the power is not available that the lift can work.

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Detailed Description

Main Features

A. Made of high intensity manganese steel tubes, never deformed.
 B. Anti-skid upper platform plate and 900mm height guardrail to guarantee operators' safety.
 C. Anti explosion valve to prevent upper platform from dropping suddenly when any emergency. You can open the emergency decline valve to lower the platform to the home position.
 D. Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up to adjust work pressure.
 E. Special made casting steel hinge ear, well wearable, with a long service life. 

 Detailed images of Mobile Scissor Hydraulic Platforms   

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 1.Extension Platform, Slide-out Engine Tray
 Level, Electric Control Box
 Standard Configuration:                                                      Optional Configuration:
 1,Ac 380V                                                                            1,AC 220V,DC(for max 12m platform)
 2,Emergency lowering valve                                                2,AC/DC ,manual hydraulic pump
 3,Leveling device with supporting screw                             3,Italian hydraulic system
 4,Waterproof electric box                                                    4,Explosion proof electric control system
 5,Emergency stop button                                                    5,Rubber solid tire, Extension platform, Electric moving device


 This Mobile Scissor Hydraulic Platforms is suit for street lamp repairing, aerial work, suspension equipment in the workshop, square, gas station, electricity equipment maintaining, and steel structure building, etc.


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