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 This is Our Brand New Drywall Lift Which Will Make It Easier For You To Install A 4'  X 11' Sheet. With lts Sturdy Welded Steel Construction,
 This Drywall Left Will Create Greater Balance, Better Control,
 More Stability and Less Fatigue, It Is Perfect For Both Commercial And Home Use.
 This china drywall lift is combined with 11ft drywall lift and 16ft extention pole.To equip with drywall lift 11ft, Drywall panels up to 16ft. Allows one person to handle and apply multiple. Easy to assemble and disassemble no tools required. The surface on which the plasterboard panel rests is fitted with panel stop pins at the four corners. The pins are retractable and make it possible to place the panel perfectly "flush" to the ceiling without having to push and fix the panel before screwing it in.

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  • Max. Standard Reach: 14′ 5″

  • Reach with Extension 154: 15′ 11″

  • Standard Loading Height: 39″

  • Loading Height with Loader 195: 2-4″

  • Load Capacity: 200 lbs.

  • Sheet Size & Capacity: single drywall sheets up to 4′ x 16′

  • Power Source: Manual

  • Lift Mechanism: Multi-Stage Chain

  • Easy roll 6″ casters

  • Storage & Transport Cart Available

  • Made in china.

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 This Drywall and Panel Hoist with a convenient design can be converted into a compact format that's easy to transport and store. This hoist allows an individual operator to hoist and move 4ft. x 16ft. drywall panels with ease. 3 casters roll smoothly. Locking outriggers provide the stability necessary for heavy lifting. The strong steel frame is powder-coated for corrosion resistance. Easy assembly, no tools necessary.
 Drywall sheets can weigh up to 1501bs. making installation a two man (or even three man) job. With a drywall lift, you can install full sheets of drywall in a fraction of the time and you can do it with no help.