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The China Red or blue hydraulic bottle jack is designed for residential and commercial use. It is industrial welded and engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction that is ideal for quality and durability. The inner/outer welded structure and steel construction will keep your bottle jack leak-free and give it an overall stronger build. The fully welded structure is designed for hard-hitting commercial use, making large loads easy to lift. The lifting range is 9.45" to 17.72" with a 20 Ton (40,000 lbs) capacity. It features a high-quality glide-action pressure pump designed to lift with minimal muscle and effort and has an integrated built-in oil-bypass and overload valve that protects the hydraulic system from extending beyond its travel limits.

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Hydraulics are powered with a high-quality oil, which offers better corrosion resistance and high/low temperature flexibility, allowing the unit to operate at temperatures between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Piston ram utilizes a Y-style polyurethane sealing ring with backup ring, preventing the load from falling slowly. This lightweight and powerful hydraulic bottle jack is ideal for lifting farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment, military applications, and environments where the equipment receives heavier abuse. This unit is 100% factory tested for reliability and safety to meet and comply with ASME safety standards. Includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Make certain all operators are properly trained and understand how to safely and correctly operate the product. By proceeding you agree that you fully understand and comprehend the full contents of this manual. Failure to operate this jack as intended may cause injury or death. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages or injury caused by improper use or neglect. Allow product operation only with all parts in place and operating safely. Use only genuine replacement parts. Service and maintain the product only with authorized or approved replacement parts; negligence will make the product unsafe for use and will void the warranty. Carefully inspect the product on a regular basis and perform all maintenance as required. Store these instructions in a protected dry location. Keep all decals on the product clean and visible. Do not modify and/or use for any application other than that for which this product was designed.

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