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This 12-Ton low profile Bottle Jack made in china is great for working in the repair shop, warehouse or wherever there is heavy lifting to do. This jack uses a glide-action pressure pump and chrome cylinder to raise as much as 24,000 lb. This compact yet powerful jack makes big loads easy to lift.

  • Compact structure. 

  • Easy operation and repair. 

  • Durable for tough use. 

  • Reliable and portable. 

  • Ideal for automotive, truck, farm, industrial and construction work. 

  • Min height: 7-1/2"

  • Max height: 13-3/4"

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Raise a vehicle for replacing a flat tire or other repairs with the RAMHOIST Jack 6-Ton Bottle Jack Black. Made of durable steel, it has a heat-treated and serrated saddle for a firm and reliable grip. The extension screw of this car bottle jack is also heat-treated to achieve added lift height and a lower pickup height for added convenience. 

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  RAMHOIST Jack 6-Ton Bottle Jack, Red:

  • Steel construction

  • Dimensions: 4.53"L x 7.68"W x 12.24"H

  • 1-year warranty

  • Black Jack bottle jack model# T90613W

  • Saddle is heat treated and serrated for firm grip








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Lift your vehicle for oil changes and other repairs with the 12 Ton Bottle Jack in Case. The heat-treated saddle is wide and serrated for a larger lifting area and a firm, non-slip grip. A low pickup height fits beneath cars easily and raises them up to 18.25". This car jack lift features heat-treated, durable construction with reinforced stress points. A case for transport and storage is included. It lifts vehicles weighing up to 24,000 lbs and is a useful tool for home or professional garages and workshops.

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12 Ton Bottle Jack in Case:

  • 1-year warranty

  • Color: Red/black/blue

  • Heat-treated saddle and extension screw

  • Wide, durable and stable base

  • Reinforced stress points

  • Low pickup height

  • Large, serrated lifting area for a firm grip

  • RAMHOIST Jack 12 ton bottle jack lifts up to 24,000 lbs

  • Range: 9" to 18.25"

DO NOT OPERATE or REPAIR THIS EQUIPMENT WITHOUT READING THIS MANUAL. To maintain the Service Jack and user safety, the responsibility of the owner is to read and follow these instructions.
 •  Inspect the service jack for proper operation and function.
 •  Keep instructions readily available for equipment operators.
 •  Make certain all equipment operators are properly trained; understand how to safely and correctly operate the unit.
 •  Allow unit operation only with all parts in place and operating properly.
 •  Use only genuine replacement parts.
 •  Service and maintain the unit only with authorized or approved replacement parts; negligence will make the jack unsafe for use and void the warranty.
 •  Carefully inspect the unit on a regular basis and perform all maintenance as required.
 •  Store these instructions in the handle of your jack.
 •  Keep all decals on the unit clean and visible.