10kg 15kg 20kg 30kg 60kg 100kg 150kg 300kg industrial digital weighing bench scales

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The industrial grade bench scale is perfect for industrial or shipping use. It can also be used as quality control device with check weighing functions.

More Specifications of RAMHOIST Bench Scales

   ·Carbon steel frame

   ·Single aluminum brick load cell

   ·304 stainless steel pole with indicator fixture

   ·Removable platter for easy cleaning

   ·4 adjustable anti-vibration rubber feet

   ·Quick indicator connector

   ·Prime PS-IN108 indicator with RS-232 output

   ·Package configured and calibrated with 20000 divisions

   ·Ideal for aviation weighing

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Detailed features:

 Multi-Functional: fast, economical and multi-functional for any straight weighing, counting, checkweighing or classifying application in a dry environment.

 Visible and Fast: the terminal, with its large LCD display, is easy to operate and features a built-in RS232 interface to communicate with a printer or PC.

 Lasting Battery Power: the scale is powered by 240 VAC or 6 AA dry batteries for >80 hours of stand-alone operation.

 Different types of indicators according to your requirements. All types have a good quality.

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The more details of our indicators

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The applications of Bench Scales

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The equipment in our factory

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