1000KG 60*80CM Digital Bench weighing scale platform weight scale

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Bench scale is one of our company earlier bench scale series, the technology is Mature and reliable, and it can be used widely in various industries.
The largest platform in this series can reach to 1200*1200mm, and the maximum weighing is up to 800kg. Users can also choose platform material: Stainless steel (SS) or carbon steel (CS) platform.

Features of our Bench Scales made in china

 1.Rectangular pipe mild steel welding structure, high strength

 2.Stainless-steel 304 platform (cover)

 3.With bracket (mild steel) and column (stainless-steel tube) for the indicator

 4.With all bolts and screws for each unit.

 5.Finishing:Powder coated.

 6.accuracy class: Grade III

 7.Basic weighing/counting/Accumulation function

 8.Battery voltage indication

 9.Automatic power-off to save battery

 10.Upper limit, normal, lower limit alarm

 11.RS232 interface(optional)

The function of Weighing Indicators

  • Peak hold function

  • Animal weighing function

  • Kg/lb switch function

  • Pre-set tare weight function

  • High-or-low function

  • Weight accumulate, accumulate display, accumulate clear fuction

Different indicators

Customized: stainless steel button, normal button, pebble button, sicila gel button.

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Customized: 3C with transformer inside or circular hole charge.

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Customized: single display/double display or use dry battery.

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Stoving enameled silver painted constructions

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The other details of our Bench Scales

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When you need a product which has adaptability to overload or powerful impact, we suggest you to choose overload series. We know that in steel industries, posts, wharfs, gas stations, etc, the bench scale will be high strength used and cruel powerful impacted, the goods may be fallen down from the shoulder-high position and used more than 500 times per day. Overload series adopts alloy steel sensors, taking advantage of high strength structure and installation method, it can bear more powerful impact and overload to ensure longer working life and operating strength.

The show of our factory

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Production Process

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