Hydraulic Manual Forklift Hand Pallet Jack 3 ton Hand Pallet Truck with sale price

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Designed to Perform

The HPT Series hand pallet truck is designed for smooth and quiet operation and easy handling so operators experience less fatigue and work more efficiently

The shape and thickness of the handle along with the design and placement of the control lever minimises operator fatigue and improves productivity. The neutral lever position releases tension on the handle for easier manoeuvring.

The steer and load wheels are engineered with high quality components and bearings to provide a low rolling resistance. The steer wheels rotate through a 200 degree range for easy manoeuvring of the hand pallet truck in tight spaces.

The 18 cm articulated steer wheels are designed to maintain optimal contact with floor, which helps users easily manoeuvre across dock plates, in and out of trailers and over uneven floors. Pallet entry/exit is easier and faster due to metal ramps on the fork tips and optimally positioned rollers.

The HPT Hand Pallet Truck offers Service Simplicity
Crown builds long-term value into all of its trucks and the HPT hand pallet truck is no exception.

The pump valve design minimises contamination and testing to over one million cycles ensures a long life.  

To further reduce maintenance RAMHOIST also uses:

 Self-lubricating bushings

 Easily replaceable pump valve cartridge

 Snap rings to connect push rods to lift linkage assembly

Durability that Stands the Test of Time

The HPT Series hand pallet truck features solid construction and generous use of steel – especially at critical stress points –to deliver long-lasting performance.

Its durability is enhanced by a reinforced handle, strong C-channel forks made of thick steel, cross braces and steel forgings on lift link arms and box-style push rods.

In addition, the PTH Series uses galvanised pins and shafts for corrosion protection and hard chrome pistons to minimise rust.

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Extra Comfort and Functionality

The HPT Series includes a manual and a powered scissor lift model, which offer productivity-enhancing options; they can be used as: hand pallet trucks, storage tables or workbenches, The lifting forks rise up to 800 mm, which saves the operator unnecessary bending, heavy lifting and increases efficiency in repetitive handling operations.