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RAMHOIST is one of the Chinese lift truck suppliers in Jiangsu province, and offers the perfect addition to your operation with the manually operated HPT hand pallet jack/pallet truck. The HPT is the smart choice for pallet transport that pulls its own weight every day - for years to come. Because the HPT hand pallet truck is RAMHOIST supplied, you can rely on its heavy-gauge steel design and solid construction to deliver long-lasting value that's always in step with your demands. Ships fully assembled.

Features & Details

Industry-leading quality, durability and support

3 year warranty and service simplicity with easily replaceable and readily available parts

27" overall fork width (14.4" between forks). 48" long forks with 2.95" fork clearance

Ergonomic handle and three-position lever with raise, lower and neutral positions

7" articulated wheels with 200 degree steering angle

Product information

Shipping Weight 159 pounds


Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 55Reviews

Best Sellers Rank 20945

Date first listed on Amazon November 27, 2012

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Rugged Construction for Everyday Use

The manual pallet trucks delivers simple, rugged construction and are ideal for use on the go. These reliable hand pallet jacks are often used on delivery trucks, and feature the smooth handling and exceptional maneuverability that are hallmarks of RAMHOIST hand lift trucks.

The automatic height adjustment modifies the fork height automatically, ensuring the safe movement of goods with minimal effort. The H-series range also includes RAMHOIST stainless steel truck models for working in corrosive environments.

High lifting operations with long-life RAMHOIST Lifter hand pallet trucks

Suitable for horizontal transport and order picking, the high lifting hand pallet trucks in the HPT-series offer lift heights up to 800 mm. Providing increased versatility and operator comfort, the truck forks on our HPT-series models can be elevated to an ergonomic working height for load transfer, or for use as a work table.

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