Pump hydraulic jack manual forklift and hand pallet truck for sale

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Product description

RAMHOIST hand pallet truck is new unique design of pallet truck, specifically designed with health and safety concerns in mind.

By engaging a foot lever, the pump action of the handle is instead used to rotate the rear wheels of the truck.

This simple operation means that the initial force exerted when moving a large load is overcome.

This operation can be used to move the load over small lips, door thresholds or in a continuous motion when moving the load up slight inclines.

2500kg Capacity

Across fork dimensions of 540x1150mm – the ideal size for the most common of the Euro Pallets.

Colours can vary – if this is important, please contact us first

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Quick processes at short distances

Even for shorter distances you need the performance of the transport truck, because the pallet trucks have to master many difficult situations in a short time: Narrow aisles, tight truck loading bays or steep ramps make goods receiving and  transport difficult. So that your handling capacity stays high under all circumstances, RAMHOIST Material Handling offers a large selection of particularly agile pallet trucks. They have compact and precise steering systems. This makes many maneuvers easier in tight environments.

The models with electric power steering also profit from powerful motors, which RAMHOIST combines with quick-reacting brakes. Often multiple braking systems are used, which complement each other. This makes transport from A to B not only faster, but also safe. The lifting capacity of the pallet trucks and pallet lift trucks from RAMHOIST ranges from 500 to 3.300 kg

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The jack is steered by a 'tiller' like lever that also acts as the pump handle for raising the jack. A small handle on the tiller releases the hydraulic fluid, causing the forks to lower. The front wheels inside the end of the forks are mounted on levers attached to linkages that go to levers attached to the jack cylinder. As the hydraulic jack at the 'tiller' end is raised, the links force the wheels down, raising the forks vertically above the front wheels, raising the load upward until it clears the floor. The pallet is only lifted enough to clear the floor for subsequent travel. Oftentimes, pallet jacks are used to move and organize pallets inside a trailer, especially when there is no forklift truck access or availability.

A jack typically has steering wheels in the front, while each fork usually has either a single wheel or two bogie wheels.

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