Prestressing Equipment Mono Strand 16 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Lifting Toe Trolley Jack

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Product Description of Hydraulic toe jack

 1.Widely used in machinery equipment, bridge construction, railway track of installation and maintenance, and transportation of heavy loading and unloading, automobile tractor repair, etc.

 2.This series jack is made of high quality steel, after heat treatment and welding, structure simple, easy operate, durable, high quality is stable, safe and reliable; Top and hook lifting combination, easy to low position operation, is a kind of widely used lifting tool.

 3.This series jack operating handle design for 180 degrees of rotation, according to different  places, thus changing the Angle is more convenient to use.

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Features of Hydraulic toe jack

This machine adopts manual operation do not need other power consumption, is mainly by manual lever to hydraulic drive the machine upper hooks for lifting movement, which has played a role, reasonable structure, easy to carry, is a practical machine

  1. Easy to operate, up and down

  2. Easy to carry, advantage design for all capacity which above 10 ton

  3. Rotating rocker easy to change angle

  4. Oil filling opening

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Product Application

 1. Hydraulic toe jacks are designed to lift heavy machinery and other similar type loads when there is a fair amount of ground clearance.

 2. With toe-like feet, they slide under the edge of the machine to ensure stability. 

 3. The lift plate is then positioned at the underside of the machine, which is then lifted clear to allow machinery moving skates to engage the load. Operated with a pump handle, lifting a heavy machine is a breeze.

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Our Services

 Pre-sale Service
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 After Service
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