Different kinds of Load Binders made in china

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A load binder, also called a chain binder, chain tensioner, or dog, is a device used to tighten chain tie downs for securing cargo for transfer. It has chain hooks on each end and a handle at the center for drawing in the chains to add tension.

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Chains used to restrain loads during transportation require a tool to tighten and loosen the chains called a load binder, which is a necessary item to maintain secure load using tie-down chains. They are tools used to tighten chain when securing a load for transport

The rugged alloy steel construction makes it tough and durable. They are used with low loader chains to tighten and pull chains together when lashing down items. These are regularly used in the agriculture and transport industries for securing loads to trailers, making them easier to maneuver. Load binder lets you secure loads and tighten chains (sold separately) quickly and easily Perfect for agricultural and industrial tie-down applications

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They are often used to bind or to tighten a chain that is securing a heavy load or large structure. Chain load binders are used for the safe securing of heavy loads by road, rail, air and ship transport, which are ideal load control devices for a variety of trucks, trailers, campers and cargo. ships.

Heavy-duty binders are used to fasten heavy equipment and other specialized heavy cargo. that needs to be tied down securely. Use heavy-duty load binders from RAMHOIST to help securely tie down loads in most trucking and marine industry binding applications. Drop-forged steel construction delivers strength and durability to help you bind loads up to 13,000 lb.

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Load Binder tie downs to fit any size cargo or any size tie down chain. They Secure heavy cargo, then remove and store the handle (sold separately) to prevent unwanted adjustments.

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There are two main types of chain binders to choose from: Ratchet Binders and Lever Binders.The method of tightening the binder is what differentiates the two. Choose from ratchet and lever types:

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Ratchet Binder---This type of chain binder uses a ratcheting mechanism to tension the chain. It uses fast ratchet action to tension chain, secure and tie down large loads. The professional quality one is designed for maximum leverage. The heavy duty cam and pawl ratchet makes it faster and easier to tie down and re-secure big loads. It is also known as ratchet jacks, these binders have a reversible ratchet that allows you to incrementally tighten or release loads without kickback. Our ratchet load binders are extra-strong and highly versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of tasks. The ratchet load binder helps stabilize the load during transportation. They are used in the offshore oil, trucking, agriculture, timber, and mining industries.

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Lever Binders---It can require a large amount of force to engage and it can release the full force of energy stored all at once. A cheater bar is often used to help overcome the force required to release it. This Lever-type binder uses lever action to secure and tie down large loads with one smooth pull. Lever Binder is also called a snap binder, lever chain or lever load binder. This is a lever type load binder that's great for tasks like securing large farm equipment. Simple and straightforward. High weight limit. Heavy duty, and the price is affordable. Some people may prefer a ratchet binder; a lever binder requires greater strength to use.

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Those that haul often tend to have their preferences when it comes to which type of binder is best. For years, lever binders were the standard, as they are cost-effective and offer simple operation. Today, however, many of our customers lean toward ratchet binders.

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All traditional chain load binders are constructed of drop forged steel for strength and durability and were designed to be used with transport chain. They are available in traditional Lever, Recoilless and Ratcheting models, and are finished in a red E-coat paint. We provide strong and durable chain load binders, available in several styles and load ratings to match the chains in use and available for your lifting and rigging needs.

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It also provides a novel type of hook having an eccentric eye or slot which is capable of being latched into one end of the load chain and then turned into a holding position at the opposite end of the load chain, thereby taking up any slack that may be present in the chain in the hook itself and thus eliminating the taking up of the slack from the eccentric operation of the load binder,

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When using transport chains to transport cargo in or on your vehicle, They are necessary to maintain a secure load. Tie-down chains for cargo securement, without a Load Binder, will not secure cargo in place. Different Types, Different Choices, Different Features, whether you need a long- or short-term load restraint solution, our product will suit you perfectly!