Technical details of 50kg sack (Vacuum Lifter)

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Standard Vacuum Lifter         Model No. ESL180/1700                           1 set

Main components:

1. Vacuum blower: Siemens vacuum blower, model GS3.0, power supply 380V, 3.0KW, maximum  vacuum flow 135cbm/h, maximum vacuum pressure -55kpa

50kg sack (tube lifter)-1.jpg

2. Lifting tube: diameter 180mm, tube length 2550mm, maximum lifting height 1700mm, maximum loading 65kg for semi-porous, 75kg for dense.

3. Suction pad for Sack: Dimensions 230*380mm, Main body made in stainless steel with high-flexible sponge rubber as searing ring

4. A ball bearing integrated upper rotation jointer with single way valve to prevent the goods falling down in case of power lost.

5. Up-Down control unit with a roller handle in right side for up and downbrake-like release valve in left side for quick release

6. A plastic vacuum filter mounted on the column, in-line connected with vacuum blower and lifting tube by feeding hose.

7. A vacuum regulator mounted on the vacuum blower which protect the blower in case overheat, the preset vacuum pressure is -45kpa

8. 8M vacuum feeding pipe of Diameter 52mm for vacuum connection

The lifter was designed for transportation or handling the materials at:
 Max.carrying capacity: 65kg for dense, 55kg for semi-porous

   50kg sack (tube lifter)-2.gif

Similar applications:

50kg sack (tube lifter)-3.jpg

Control house showing:

50kg sack (tube lifter)-4.jpg

   Standard Vacuum lifter                                         USD 5,005.00  (without jib crane)

   Package included
   Transportation in China mainland included
   Leading time: 1 week after receipt of order
   Terms of Payment:  50% down payment, NET before consignment 
   1250*850*900 (L*W*G, unit:mm), 150kg(G.W.) 85kg(N.W.)     
    above is without jib crane 


   Stand jib crane                                                      USD 2,53.00

   Maximum loads: 75kg
   Total height: 3600mm
   Net height n below the arm: 3050mm
   Jib length: 2000mm
   Jib materials: aluminum alloy track 
   Column materials: 200*200mm square steel pipe
   Rotation degree: 270° 
   Loading slid trolley: 1 piece
   Cable connection slid trolley: 3 pieces
   Jib crane package:  3500*650*800 (L*W*G, unit:mm), 380kg(G.W.), 220kg(N.W.)