Inquiry for Vacuum Stone Lifters (VSL lifters) from Belgium

Keyword:Vacuum Stone Lifters (VSL lifters)   Time:2020-6-19 10:40:59

Customer: We are specialised in the reselling for the stone industry. We are interest in your products. Would it be possible to let me have more information about your VSL lifters. Exactly like on foto, not the aardwolf type. Please let me have resale prices and all tech diamentions from each type. Hooping to receive your answer by return, I remain.

Please also more info and prices for this type off naps. 

Ramhoist nap.jpg

RAMHOIST: Could we know the stone's weigh and size then we will work accordingly, thanks

Customer: We are resellers for the stone industry. That’s the reason why we asked for all types. At this moment we are selling from 50kg till 2000kg, with 1 to 8 naps. We have a lot off different types in our actual range. We want to work with you and create a complete range. Pictures off type we selling for the moment. 

Vacuum Lifters customer sells now1.jpg

Vacuum Lifters customer sells now-V1000-500.jpg

Vacuum Lifters customer sells now-manze-2.jpg

Vacuum Lifters customer sells now-manze-14.jpg

RAMHOIST: Pls check below link the offer for reference, which is similar to your stated:

Technical proposal for Vacuum Slab lifter Model No. PPD-MT300/1

Technical proposal for Vacuum Slab lifter Model No. PPD-PT350/2

Technical proposal for Vacuum Slab lifter Model No. PPD-MT500/3

Technical proposal for Vacuum Slab lifter Model No. PPD-PT500/3

Customer: Thanks for your fast reply. In the offer you mention for the naps alu alloy 6061T, Is that alu completely covered with rubber? ( like picture below ) 
Is that rubber and the high flexible sponge rubber as sealing non marking type? Do you deliver with CE certificate?


RAMHOIST:  Yes, there is a complete rubber cover the back of cup, the sealing is high flexible foam rubber, we have CE

Customer: We will order for testing your quality:
1x PPD-MT300
1x PPD-PT500/3
Please make your pro forma invoice.
When you are painting metal, use our company colours:
Main= Blue RAL 5015
Second colour= Red RAL 3001
Delivery time after our holiday: restart on 03/08/20
Would it be possible to let me have different diamentions off all your rubber protected naps.
If possible with foto and tech drawing.

RAMHOIST: will send PI to your emailThe dimensions is customized as request 

RAMHOIST: the goods is ok, would you ask your forwarder to contact me and delivery goods, thanks 

Customer:Thanks fort he info, my secretary will inform you.
Is it possible to send me fotos please.
Could you pass me already commercial invoice and packing list with packaging, weight and measurements, so I can send it to our forwarder. 

RAMHOIST: invoice and packing list has sent to your email

lifters 1.jpg

Are these lifters each put in a wooden box?
Please confirm. 

RAMHOIST: plywood box I have asked our forwarder B*** Logistics to pick up the lifters.
Can you let me know Customs tariff code of Lifters? 

RAMHOIST: 84798999.90 
need consignee information including tel no and whether notify part is same as consingee 

Customer: Our forwarder will contact you concerning pick up.
Goods are to delivered at our address in Merchtem. 

Customer: We received the vacuums and looks good.
We will now test and inform you.
We did not received any CE confirmation.
Would it be possible to let me have for each model. 

RAMHOIST: next time we will make ce label for you, thanks 

Customer: Can you send me nececary documents by e mail please. 

RAMHOIST: has sent to your email