Fixed scissor lifters for electric forklift used indoor from Thailand

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Customer: We are looking for a support tool as below photo to improve our loading dock for export from our factory in Thailand, Rayong, to abroad.
Could you please kindly advice your existing product category?
And if we could have a quotation for our financial guideline, it will be appreciated please.


RAMHOIST: pls check BELOW technical brochure.
pls check which you are interested then we will offer accordingly, thanks

Fixed Scissor Lifts (technical brochure).pdf

Customer: Thank you very much. We are interesting on FSL3-10 and FSL4001 please.


2720 USD/unit

3050 USD/unit
the price is based on FOB china

Customer: Thank you for reminding, yes we receive your information properly.

However, we are considering about the specification because our requirement are as followings;

Option 1:

P.S> We will operate with Forklift 2.0 T – 2.5 T,

Total truck weight include battery is 4.0 – 4.5 tons,

After include product total weight will be 5.0 – 5.5 Tons


Forklift dimension: W x L is 1.5 x 3.5 meters


Option 2:

However, please also provide proposal in case that we will apply forklift 1.5T – 2.0 T as well.


RAMHOIST: so this is used in outdoor but not indoor?
your weight and size is no problem.
we need to know your working height and whether you will make a pit? thanks

Customer: Thanks for quick feedback, use for indoor please.


Position of lifter is at green arrow, inside the building. We will lift the forklift up to another building level, then move into container.

Lifting height is 1.45 meter +, because we have to put the machine under the ground.

Fixed scissor lifters customer will use2.jpg

Fixed scissor lifters customer will use1.jpg

RAMHOIST: 4700 USD (FOB china)

below is the drawing we design for you:


Pls contact me if any further question, thanks

Customer: Sure I will, now waiting maintenance team to review the spec. please.