Technical details for 100kg wooden panel

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We thank you for your enquiry and pleased to offer on the basis of our general conditions of sale and delivery items as bellow:

Standard Vacuum Lifter         Model No. ESL200/30                           1 set

Main components:

  1. Vacuum blower: Siemens vacuum blower, model GS3.0, power supply 380V, 3.0KW, maximum vacuum flow 150cbm/h, maximum vacuum pressure -55kpa

100kg wooden panel(Standard Vacuum Lifter)1.jpg

2.Lifting tube: diameter 200mm, tube length 2550mm, maximum lifting height 1700mm, maximum loading 110kg for semi-porous, 120kg for dense.

3.6  of rectangle suction pads for wooden panels, the pad dimension was 120*320mm ,the yoke length 1600mm, width 850mm, mounted on the control housing by flange, suited for the maximum panels size of 2800*2100mm, to reduce the suction frame light, the frame material will be stainless steel SUS304

4.A ball bearing integrated upper rotation jointer with single way valve to prevent the goods falling down in case of power lost.

5.Two-hands control unit model, with a rotation handle in right hand for up and down, the brake handle in left hand for release, the handle were length by 850mm for wider panel

100kg wooden panel(Standard Vacuum Lifter)2.png

6.A plastic vacuum filter mounted on the column to keep the air clean.

7.A vacuum regulator mounted on the vacuum blower which protect the blower in case overheat, the preset vacuum pressure is -45kpa

8.12M vacuum feeding pipe of Diameter 52mm for vacuum connection

9.An electric control box mounted on the ground (column installation available for option)

The lifter was designed for transportation or handling the materials at:
   Max.carrying capacity: 120kg for dense, 110kg for semi-porous
 Similar applications(for wooden panels):

  100kg wooden panel(Standard Vacuum Lifter)3.jpg


   100kg wooden panel(Standard Vacuum Lifter)4.gif

 Options for vacuum lifter:
 1. Silencer box for blower
 2. Special hanger for lifting tube during off-work time
 Price:  $5,000.00 (the price includes the lifter, the pump, everything except the jib crane)
 Trading terms: Exwork(package included)                                     
 Package included
 Leading time: 2 weeks after receipt of order
 Terms of Payment: 50% down payment, balancer after BL

Jib crane (as option parts worked with vacuum lifter)
 Maximum loads: 125kg
 Total height: 3500mm
 Net height n below the arm: 3000mm
 Jib length: 3000mm(maximum 6M on request)
 Jib materials: aluminum alloy track
 Column materials: 200*200 square steel pipe
 Rotation degree: 270°
 Loading slid trolley: 1 piece
 Cable connection slid trolley: 3 pieces
 Standard jib crane: $2,300.00    

 100kg wooden panel(Standard Vacuum Lifter)5.jpg

  100kg wooden panel(Standard Vacuum Lifter)6.jpg


Dimensions for tube vacuum lifter Model.png

wooden panels.png