2 ton Hand Pallet Stackers UK customer need

Keyword:2 ton Hand Pallet Stackers   Time:2020-10-30 14:28:12

Customer: Please quote price for 4 x 2 ton manual stacker 

RAMHOIST: 2000kg, 1.6m manual stacker  235 USD/unit

Customer: Thanks for your contact Yang. Please quote according to my requirement below.    

2 ton Hand Pallet Stackers UK customer need.JPG

RAMHOIST: 500 USD/unit

Customer: Can you send me catalogue? 

RAMHOIST: no catalogue for this, it is special one for us and it is customized, similar to below:

pallet stacker.jpg

Customer:I check again, I think customer can use semi electric, lift capacity 1500kgs @540mm load centers, lift height 2m. 550mm fork width. 1150mm forks. Please make the quotation for 5 semi electric stacker & 5 x battery lifting attachment with chains as inside picture. No electric drive required.

walkie electric stacker.jpg

RAMHOIST: 880 USD/unit