Vacuum Tube Lifters for 35kg carton from Italy

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Customer: I need a machine that lifts boxes of 30 kg
With vacuum, Of the model I saw, Type the model like the photo

Vertical gripping.jpg

I am looking for a machine that does the job that this man is doing (check the video in, considering that the boxes are 30 kg and that they have a tape closure on top, I think it is better to take them from the side,
Let me know and give me a quote thanks
I need to arrange these boxes as I showed you in the video, considering that each box weigh 30 kg and raise a height of 120cm from the ground, Lift 150 cm better
The box comes from here as circled in red and goes on pallets

Vacuum tube lifter designed for customer application.jpg


Vacuum tube lifter for carton (gripped from side) 

Vacuum tube lifter for carton gripped from top, more stable than gripped from side

two choice as below:    
1, you can see the first video【Vacuum tube lifter for carton (gripped from side)】,since there is no top cover and only can only grip side. we can use this for your side, but need to know the size of your box side, it's better to supply the size of all box, besides, is the box strong enough? otherwise the box will tear (rip) when lifting.    
2, there is no problem for tape clourse on top when grip on the top, in my opinion, gripping from top is more stable than gripping from side, but it is up to you.

Customer: If you say that there is no problem lifting from the top, ok better, The strength of the cardboard is good to hard, The size of the box is:

I prefer to have a car that can be moved, perhaps with wheels. It's possible?


Customer: Too expensive for me with wheels. Is it possible to have a quote for a machine like in the photo? Who lifts my box?  You can send me the price of this

Vacuum Tube Lifter7.jpg


                     We also have manual moving, I show you by drawing, but this one (below), it will not fall down but need add counterweight and need extra 1000USD on the basis of standard jib crane), above one is standard jib crane with bolts fixed on the ground and can not move. the advantage are it can move and without drilling mounting the floor
The longest jib is 3.5m, if more than 3.5m, it will possible topple over (topple and fall down)
We have to put a cable reel on the counterweight base, the cable is 4*2.5m2, 9 meter length, I believe it is necessary for mobile jib crane

Manual mobile vacuum tube lifter.jpg

Manual mobile vacuum tube lifter (it will not fall down but need add counterweight and need extra 1000USD on the basis of standard jib crane)1.jpg

Customer: What size will the suction cup attachment for my box be?
And then we will prefer the one-handed operation as I show you in the picture

one-handed operation for vacuum tube lifter.jpg

A handle like the photo is possible?

RAMHOIST: We like to use 2 of 85*200mm rectangle cups for carton box if the top surface is enough size
also, 4 of smaller round by diameter 100mm cups are available for option

Customer: What does the 4-cup or rectangular engineer recommend? 

RAMHOIST: We recommend you use 2 of 85*200mm rectangle cups, low cost for maintenance
Below handle is slightly higher than the previous link i sent you,    

one-handed operation for vacuum tube lifter.jpg

It is 350 USD more than for top,     
Besides, The single hand controller can not work with blower, but vacuum pump, the vacuum blower featured high vacuum flow to 130 m3/hour, the single hand controller air inlet is small to allow maximum 60m3/hour flow, so we have to change blower to vacuum pump, however, the vacuum pump vacuum level is much higher than blower, its maximum level is -85kpa, the blower level is -50kpa. the change leads to cost increasing 400 USD.


Standard lifter                                         3600+350+400 USD   

Standard jib crane                                  2300 USD