Fixed scissor lift with platform 6 feet x 4 feet and Lift height 12 feet for Canada

Keyword:Fixed scissor lift   Time:2020-11-4 7:38:23

Customer: We are interested in buying a hoist to transport blinds assembly components from ground floor to mezzanine level.  We are thinking a fixed scissor lift will serve the purpose.
Please let me know if you sell to Canada before.
Lift height is about 12 feet.
The platform can be 6 feet x 4 feet.
Please let me know.    

RAMHOIST:  May i know the load capacity you need? thanks

Customer:It's going to be light material. Blinds components mainly. I would say 100 lbs. max.
Please let me know if there are any questions.

RAMHOIST: 1700 USD/unit (fix type) 

Customer: Please send us a picture.
How soon can it be shipped?

RAMHOIST: similar to below picture, 15 days

Fixed Scissor Lift.jpg

Customer: Can we make 36” wide x 72” platform hoist with only two side rails which is 12” high

RAMHOIST: No problem, pls check there is single phase or three phase power in your site, then what is the power, the fixed scissor lift will make similiar as below (however, the two side rails will make to 12'' =0.3m as below is 1m)

Stationary scissor lift with two side rails1.jpg

Stationary scissor lift with two side rails2.jpg

Customer:We like the one with yellow paint. Can all the hydraulic parts be within the hoist?
We have 3 phase 600v supply

RAMHOIST: 1950 USD/unit, delivery time: 20 days
the pump station can not be within the hoist since the limit of height.    

Customer: Thank you. Please send us a performa invoice to sales@**********, Please also send us the diagram with dimensions. We will make the payment as soon as possible.

RAMHOIST: Has send PI to your email
For bulk order, normally need package (plywood case) in avoid of damage, it need extra 150 USD, only below two conditions allowed nude package
1: For FCL (full container load), cusomter buy goods of one cotainer, when the container come to factory, we load the goods in the container by ourselves
2: We send the goods to other site to come along with other one's container which the belong to same customer, they load the goods with their goods    



Fixed scissor lift for Blinds components.pdf

Customer: Just to be sure, the platform surface total height from floor is how much? We need 13 feet high. From platform to floor 13 feet

RAMHOIST: The previous height is 12 feet (3.66mm) from platform surface to floor, the lift should be 4 scissors instead of 3 scissors to reach 3.96m, since 3 scissors can't reach this height. the cost will increase and need extra 260 USD. has update PI to your email. 

Customer:please send me a picture of the whole assembly of hydraulic and motor of the hoist. Our electrician is coming next week to place the power line. Is it 220V? 

RAMHOIST: hydraulic pump station, in the previous converataion, you said you you have 3 phase 600v supply, pls confirm

hydraulic pump station (液压泵站).jpg

Customer: Yes, that's correct.

RAMHOIST: the fixed scissor lif is ok for delivery, below is the site photos and packing information, would you ask your forwarder to contact us for delivery

Site photos of Fixed scissor lift2.jpg

Site photos of fixed scissor lift5.jpg

Site photos of fixed scissor lift6.jpg

1PKGS, G.W.:650KG   N.W.: 530KG   Measurement: 1.86 (1940*1020*940mm)

HS code: 8428909090 (升降平台)


Six months later:

RAMHOIST: We will appreciate your comments of our product, Kindly let us know which parts or elements you are not satisfied with, thanks

Customer: Hi Yang, 
Yes, everything is good.
Thank you 

RAMHOIST: well notd, thanks, have a nice day!