Main Specifications and components of Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 800L)

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Technical proposal for 

 Installation Robot

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Update: November, 20.2018

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We thank you for your enquiry and pleased to offer on the  basis of our general conditions of sale and delivery items as bellow:


Main Specifications:

1. Maximum load: 800kg while the second ram back to end, 350kg while the second ram extended

2. Maximum lifting height: 4600mm from ground to the centre of the suction frame

3. Moving: automatically moving, speed control by manual roller in remote controller sensibly

4. Lifting control: with hydraulic ram, controlled by sensible speed roller in remote controller, to make up-down movement stable, we designed the part as two of hydraulic cylinders.

5. Extension control: with hydraulic ram, controlled by sensible speed roller in remote controller sensibly

The extension distance about the two arms:
 Arm retracted:

Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 800L)2.gif

First arm extension

Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 800L)3.png

 Second arm extension:

Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 800L)4.png

  Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 800L)5.png

6. Tilting control: with hydraulic ram, controlled by sensible speed roller, the maximum tilting degree near to 130 degree

7. Rotation control: with rotated hydraulic motor, controlled by sensible speed roller, endless 360 degree rotation

8. Side moving: with hydraulic ram, controlled by sensible speed roller, 50mm for both sides, totally 100mm

9. Side turning: with hydraulic ram, controlled by sensible speed roller, about 25 degree for both sides, we can offer extractable rod  for 90 side turning on left side, the side carry will be 350kg.

10. Self weight: about 1850kg with counterweight, 1450kg without counterweight

11. Power: DC 24V

12. Driven unit: the front wheels driven with mechanical differential worked as driven unit, rear wheels worked for turning

13. Wheels: 450mm*200mm *4 PU filled solid wheels in front, dual of 400mm solid wheels in rear

14. Driven unit power: Front wheels driven by differential axle, the driven motor was AC  24V,2.2 KW

15. Hydraulic station power: 1.2KW,with oil flow 0.75L/M

16. Battery: 12V,210A*2

17. Maximum working period: about 10 Hours continuously

18. Dimensions:3045*850*1700mm

19. Charging power:AC110-220V

20. Charging time: about 5 hours

21. Vacuum system: Dual pump and dual system with 6 round suction pads, of its dimensions 400mm

22. Wheels: 4 of diameter 450mm PU-filled solid wheels on front, 2 of diameter 400mm solid wheels on rear

23. Balance sensor: the machine was designed with balance sensor to prevent the forth-fall by overload, extension and lifting function will be locked while overload detected

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 Main components in vacuum system:

1. Vacuum Pump: CV-35, DC 24V, maximum vacuum flow 35L/minute, maximum vacuum pressure  -85kpa

2. 6  of suction pads of Diameter 400mm, the suction pads were designed with buffer spring, mounted on the cross beam with retainer

3. The  safety tank was designed independently, and a Non-return valve mounted safe tank to ensure a long keeping time.

4. A “Red-Green” vacuum meter mounted in front of device.

5. A Digital vacuum switch to detect the vacuum level, the switch control the vacuum starting/stopping point for power save, the preset parameter of switch was starting at -60kpa, pausing at -70kpa.

6. A 3/2 way hand switch slide valve in each vacuum system that used for manual controlling the “Suction-Release”

7. The Red-green vacuum meter mount in front of the operator to make sure the vacuum system status in sight

8. The device has an integrated warning unit EW0 with acoustic signal. if the vacuum drops below 60% a howler starts.

9. Red-Green light mounted on electric box for showing device working status, red for alarm, and green for power through, in case the power failure or vacuum level drops down below the required level 60%, the warning system will start automatically with sound and light.

The lifter was designed for transportation or handling the materials at:
   Max.carrying capacity: 800kg at vertical (60% vacuum level)
1. Cable-less and sensible Remote control in the range of 30 meters
2. Suction pads for shaped materials on request
3. Special hydraulic rod for 90 degree side turning
 Dimensions drawing: Pls see the attached drawing

Applications: Standard lifter

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Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 800L)7.jpg

Vacuum Glass Lifter Robot (VGL 800L)8.jpg

Control panel

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Wired remote controller:

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Terms of trading:                  FOB China
 Price after discount:            $27000
 Terms of payment:              50% payment in advance, balance after BL
 Leading time:                      Approx 8 weeks