Paver lifting

Keyword:Paver lifting   Time:2021-1-1 16:13:54

Customer: I looking for lifter to lifting small paver stone to 60 kg weight
What can you offer to me .

RAMHOSIT: Is two man operation ok for you?

Customer: Yes , looks good, How much cost ? 

RAMHOSIT: 1020 USD/unit

Customer: Too expensive, For $1000 CAD I can buy in Canada with warranty and free delivery   

RAMHOSIT: you can choose below one hand operation, with material: plastic, price is 120 USD/unit

one hand operation, plastic (material)1.png

one hand operation, plastic (material)2.png

Customer: How much do you want for vacuum head?

How much do you want for vacuum head.jpg

RAMHOSIT: May i know the size? 

Customer: 4x10 or 6x12 in  (152.4mm*304.8mm) 

RAMHOSIT: what's your request for connection way? 

Customer: What is options? 

RAMHOSIT: No option, you confirm the connection way and we will make to your request 

Customer: Regular air Conection 

RAMHOSIT: you need drill hole or weld, or you use our normal connection way as below, pls check whether is it ok for you?

Our normal connection way2.png

Our normal connection way1.png

Customer: Thank you,Looks good

Vacuum head.jpg

RAMHOSIT: 95 USD/unit (it does not include filter, red circled in below pircture)

95 USD per unit (it does not include filter, red circled in pircture).jpg

Customer: Ok, how much cost to including filter, red circle please 

RAMHOSIT: filter is 30 USD, so total: 95+30=125 USD 

Customer: Can you send me pictures how is looking now vacuu cup? Can you send me more pictures? From both side .


Our normal connection way1.png

Vacuum head with filter1.jpg

Vacuum head with filter2.jpg