Offer of Pallet wrapping machine for Costa Rica

Keyword:Pallet wrapping machine   Time:2021-1-6 8:25:41

Customer: Hi, we want to purchase this product Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine / Manual Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine, please send me more details about it. 

RAMHOIST: May i know your load, size and height then we can design for you accordingly
pls check the case in the link:

Customer: Our max load is 1000 Kg, L 120 cm, W 100 cm, H 160 cm, standard pallets

RAMHOIST: may i know what's your power supply and pls choose which plug is suited for your side:

different plugs for Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine.jpg

Customer: Power supply: 110V

American Standard plug.jpg

RAMHOIST: 2050 USD/unit
Package: 350 USD
Technical details: