Vacuum tube lifter for natural Stone from Iceland

Keyword:Vacuum tube lifter   Time:2021-1-7 22:19:08

Customer: We are looking for a Vacuum tube lifter for natural Stone. Rough surface.  The stones are from 22-29cm width and from 60 to 1000cm width.
The Stones are from 60kg to 110kg, So 140kg would be very safe.
Can you get me a qoute for a machine that can lift these stones from a pallet to the taple you see.

Vacuum tube lifter for natural Stone-Rough surface2.jpg

RAMHOIST: regret we can not, we can only lift even surface but not rough surface, thanks, we suggest you use a tool (such as hook, clamp or wire rope) to assit to lift, As far as i know, no company in china can make this, even it is make, it is not safe at all.