Replace for maintenance LIFT TUBE of VTL 80

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Customer: We are user of your vacuum tube lifter VTL 80 which procured form third party in Indonesia.
We would like to replace for maintenance LIFT TUBE of VTL 80.
Please, reply our e-mail for how do we get it?

replace for maintenance LIFT TUBE of VTL 80.jpg

RAMHOIST: May i know the diameter and length? 

Customer: The diameter is 6 inches and lenght is 2250 mm.
Is it available or not? 

RAMHOIST: 700 USD  (diameter 160mm,2.5m length)
Weight: 6KG, 180*180*1000mm

Customer: My name is Yayuk, one of Mr Wisnu's team. There are some questions, please kindly inform us.
1. which kind of type our requesting (Tube's diameter is 6 inches and lenght is 2250 mm) based on your attached catalogue?
2. From this size (diameter 160mm,2.5m length), how much the weight/capacity we can lift?
3. Does it mean the packing dimension (180*180*1000mm)?
4. Is the price you quote below using CIF term?
5. How much the price of a SET of Vacuum lifter od type VTL80?

catalogue ramhoist.pdf

1. Your request is VTL80, BUT the lifting tube you request is VTL60 which use diameter 160mm,2.5m length 
2. The lifting tube of dia.160, length 2500mm, can lift maximum 60kg, lifting height is 1700mm
3. Yes
4. It is ex-works,
5. Standard lifter                          $4,850
   Jib crane                                   $2,300

80KG vacuum tube lifter.jpg

Customer: FYI we have a new project to install vacuum lifter with 80 kg capacity & 1950 mm height.
Do you have any advice what if we use VTL 80?

technical parameters of vacuum tube lifter

RAMHOIST: There is difference between lifting height and lifting stroke, regarding the 1950mm lifting height, what is the work piece you like to lift?

Customer: It is the reference drawing we have, the lifting height must be 1950 mm. The work piece is like to lift the sack of fibre.
May I know, what is the lifting stroke do you mean? or do you have kind of drawing to explain us easier?

reference drawing of vacuum tube lifter customer have.jpg

The drawings below are our existing VTL & new project.
Please give us advice about the lenght of tube lifter should be purchased by consideration the strecth and compression of it

existing VTL80 (vacuum tube lifter 80kg).jpg

RAMHOIST: The standard lifting height is 1700mm, I have solution for your application, as the video shown, the column is extracable, So you can lift bags to 1950mm by using standard lifter
The total length is 2550mm, compressed length is 800mm, Lifting height is 1750mm
pls check the video:

Customer: Regarding the lifting height, the closest specification we need is turning out to VTL120B, but the vacuum suction must be using the spons intsead of the pads. Could you please provide us the offering?
May I know, do you also provide the installation in our site?
Just additional question, please inform us the total of length of VTL120 B.

RAMHOIST: About lifting height, I suggest you use extracted jib crane (just as above link video shows)
For sack, it is impossbile reach 120KG, i never met sack more than 70kg, so unneccessary to use VTL120B
We have sponge rubber suction cup, no need to worry about the dimensions
we supply technical guide for installation, unnecessary to dispatch guys to install in your site

Customer: Please inform us the following detail as our consideration to determine what specs would be relate to our needs,
1. The total of length of VTL120b
2. The compressed length of VTL120b
3. price of VTL120b
4. price of extracted jib crane of VTL80 using lifting height 1950 mm

RAMHOIST:  VTL120b normally grasp panel but not sack.
price of extracted jib crane of VTL80 using lifting height 1950 mm: $2,300+700=$3,000 

Customer: Yes we do understand. But we want to know the price of VTL120b (Standart lifting + jib crane), just for our reference. May I know, how about the warranty of VTL80? Could you please explain to us?

RAMHOIST:  Engineer do not suggest use VTL120b to lift sack since technology is not mature.
Warranty of VTL80: 1 year

Customer: Thank you for your suggestion.
Currently we need the lift tube with diameter of 6' for existing vacuum lifter in our site. How much is it? 

RAMHOIST:700 USD  (diameter 160mm,2.5m length)
Weight: 6KG, 180*180*1000mm 

Customer: We want to make sure some things and please assist this inquiry,
1. 700 USD is CFR seaworth price right?
2. The capacity to lift until 120 Kgs
3. is there any warranty?

1. It is EX-workks, for such small weight, we do not suggest transported by sea since there is abnormal custom cost, we can send to your agent in china or send by air.
2. Can lift maximum 60kg
3. 1 year

Customer: Could you please adjust cost 700 USD to be CFR price? And can you provide Form E for us?

RAMHOSIT: CFR price: 900 USD includes FORM E    

Customer: How about FOB price + Form E?    
Please inform us the HS Code of the lift tuba.    

RAMHOSIT: FOB price + Form E =850 USD    
HS code: 84798999.90    

Customer: I am offering the price to be 800 USD using CFR term (include form E).    
Regarding the HS code, I can not track it, as I know the updated HS Code should be consist 8 digits number, please advice.    
And please inform us the port of loading and lead time of delivery since I release my PO?

RAMHOSIT: as i told you earlier, there is abnormal custom cost etc for tiny goods, we suggest transport by express such as TNT or fedex, it is faster and cheaper, only need 120 USD and only need 5day and do not need form E, it will arrive to your hands without custom clearance and without any money for custom clearance side.
for HS code, it is a different HS code in china and in your country, the HS code we supply is for our chinese port declaration, while the HS code you need is for your customer clearance
but for express, no need for HS code at all.
delivery time: 1 month since chinese new year is coming    

Customer: Yes sure it is more effective. But we need to calculate the costs, so please assist us to reply this inquiries to help us to make decision quickly.    
1. Total cost using TNT/FEDEX
2. HS CODE (International code)
3. Port of Loading (in case using the FOB term)
4. Please assist the CFR price to be 800 USD + Form E    

Customer: May I know, is the price including ''single lift tube'' like following picture or only the hose? 

1. Total cost using TNT/FEDEX: 120 USD
2. HS CODE (International code): no international code, some country use same HS code as china, some not, need to ask your custom
3. Port of Loading (in case using the FOB term): it is sent by air, no need of port.
4. Please assist the CFR price to be 800 USD + Form E:  if you insist on CFR+form E, then it is 900USD.     

Customer: Do you mean 120 USD is only for freight or including the goods price?    
please provide us the official quotiation using TNT/FEDEX. And what about the term of payment? 

goods price: 700 USD
air freight: 120 USD    
PI incluing payment term has sent to your email    

Customer: Could you please give us the better price of this? I hope the price goes lower than this.
Regarding the Term of payment, could we make it to be 30 days from BL's date?    
And we still require the official quotiation that also mentioning the warranty.    
The additional information, here is our address that should be written in invoice


RAMHOSIT: it is the best price for 1 piece.
for order sent by air, we only accept TT before delivery.
for express, it does not have BL, it only have a tracking no, with 5 days, you will get the goods.
if delivery by sea, we will get the BL, then you can make the payment against copy of BL

Customer: I have submitted your PI, but my management can not accept the Top payment.
Please assist us to accept the payment to be 30 days from BL's date.
Additional, please kindly write our completed address in PI below,
May I know, is the price including ''single lift tube'' like following picture or only the hose?


 RAMHOSIT: the price is only tube (hose) but do not include pipe fitting