Request for info and quotation for concrete slab vacuum lift & rotator from Singapore

Keyword:concrete slab vacuum lift & rotator   Time:2021-2-4 19:51:53

Customer: We are looking for mobile vacuum lifter and rotator for precast concrete wall 2m height x 8m long x 0.3m thick lift and rotate to 8m height x 2m long x 0.3m thick (weight approx. 10 ton) 

RAMHOIST: May i know what is the maximum weight and max &min dimension ? Do you have photos of concrete slab? 
Below is the concrete slab vacuum lift & rotator we have:

concrete slab vacuum lift & rotator RAMHOIST have1.jpgconcrete slab vacuum lift & rotator RAMHOIST have3.jpg

concrete slab vacuum lift & rotator RAMHOIST have2.jpg

concrete slab vacuum lift & rotator RAMHOIST have4.jpg

Customer: We are looking for vacuum suction lifter & rotator that can handle our precast concrete panel to turn it 90degree.
The panel is originally upstand: 2m Height x 7.35m Length x 0.3m thick (weight 10 ton).
We need to turn the panel 90 degree to 7.35m Height x 2m Length x 0.3m thick and arrange the precast panel wall side by side.
We noticed your vacuum suction lifter cum rotator but we are concerned if you have any battery operated machine that can moves around and lift your machine to perform the turning.

dwg for Yang.pdf

RAMHOIST: Very hard to make battery operated machice for this big capacity, We suggest you use forklift (with at least 20t load) with our vacuum suction lifter

Customer: Please provide us your proposal and the quotation for the supply of these machines : Vacuum Suction Lifter cum rotator for 7.35m x 2m x 0.3m precast concrete panel.
We would like to know the weight of this vacuum lifter cum rotator as well. Can you also offer us the machinery for handling of this equipment?

RAMHOIST: sorry for my delay due to chinese lunar new year holiday, wish chinese lunar new year bring all good thing to you
for weight 10 ton, can not use battery powered, only use AC powered or diesel engine powered, the price is at least 40000 USD, if you agree, then we will make drawing and plan. 

Customer: Can I confirm that you are able to provide AC powered vacuum suction lifter to handle 10 ton concrete slab and the cost for this vacuum suction lifter itself is around USD 40,000/=.
So what is the weight of this vacuum suction lifter and what is the power rating for this vacuum suction lifter?

RAMHOIST: The estimated weight is about 5T, including steel frame, vacuum pump, hydraulic pump, 2 of hydraulic rams, 12 pieces of vacuum cups, cup size is 1000*500mm
the power is 380V,50Hz, if other powers, we will order motors as power supply