CRA Carrying Roller Moving Transporting Heavy Items 6T/8T/12T cargo trolley

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Cargo trolleys are available for loads from 1 t to 6 t. The special bearings in our cargo trolleys allow easy moving and rotating 360° around its own axis. Using a set of 3 or 4 cargo trolleys or even more simultaneously is depended on the machine's support points, load distribution  and floor conditions. Depending on the situation a combination of cargo trolleys with L / F / TL trolleys is possible.

Detailed Description
   Thicken base
 Strong bearing capacity, pressure and wear resistance, long service life

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360 degree thread disc
 Removable raised pattern can increase friction and make the goods and the tank closely connected.

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PU mute rubber wheel
 Good grip, wear-resistant, not easy to slip, elastic shock absorption effect, good stability

 Quenching spindle
 High frequency heat treatment spindle, strong wear resistance, long service life

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Seamless welding
 Seamless welded tie rod, not easy to break, firm and reliable

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Company Description
 Nanjing Ramhoist Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Province, which is famous for hoisting. It has developed into a highly respected specialist company with a strong reputation as innovators, manufacturers and distributors of hoisting machinery. We are  manufacturer of hoisting machinery such as electric hoist, chain hoist, lever blocks, pallet trucks, trolley, pulley and so on. Besides we can design and produce all kinds of hoists according to customers' demands.

Our factory always take great care in ensuring safety and customer satisfaction are paramount in its thoughts. We followed a policy aimed at excellent in engineering and continuing involvement with the advances in technology, which makes our customer can be assured of Safety, Quality, and Efficiency! 

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Using sites
 Solve all equipment handling problems in factories, construction sites, mines, shipyards and other workshop construction sites.

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Different sizes can be customized according to different demands

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 Six tons(four wheels)

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 Eight tons(six wheels)

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 Twelve tons(eight wheels)

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 Eighth tons(twelve wheels)

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 Twenty four -- thirty tons(sixth wheels)