Hydraulic Jack Single Acting Hydraulic Jack With Pump

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 Hydraulic cylinder jack has safe  protect pressurizer, built-in pressure relief valve in order to protect over load, and it’s good for safe operate. All the model can be customized according to client’s requirements. It is mainly used for electric power, building, machine manufacturer, mining, subway, bridge and shipbuilding and kinds of industry for installing, lifting and tear down.    


  1. Single-acting, spring turn

  2. Collar threads for easy fixturing

  3. Double-acting cylinder version for fast retraction

  4. Standard, interchangeable, hardened grooved saddles

  5. Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance

  6. Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life

  7. Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces

  8. Nickel-plated, floating center tube on models over 20 tons, increases product life

  9. Safety valve in retract side of cylinder helps  to prevent damage over-pressurization

Product description of Hydraulic cylinder jack

1.Sealing ring

Excellent sealing ring, which has long service life, can prevent leakage.

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2. Relief valve

Built-in safety valve is used to protect the whole products when overload. The piston with chrome plating treatment can usefully protect the cylinder. 

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3. Quick connector

The Hydraulic cylinder jack adopts thread type quick joint. When the thread is locked, it’s not easy to fall off. 

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4. Piston rod

The piston rod is welded with copper to reduce the friction between the piston rod and the inner wall of the cylinder. And it is plated with chromium to enhance the surface smoothness and hardness.

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Related Products

  1. If you need large capacity works and piston return, you could  choose large tonnage double acting hydraulic jack (50-2000 tons).

  2. You could choose double acting hollow jack when you need to go through pc  strand, steel wire or anchors (50-2000 tons).

  3. If you want to install jack on the some working platforms,  you need a flange type hydraulic jack (10-630  tons).

  4. Single acting hydraulic jack  is used for smaller tonnage and stroke works (10-100 tons).

  5. Matching with special tool to go through cable or rabar, you  could choose single acting hydraulic hollow jack (12-100 tons).

  6. Single acting hydraulic jack with lock nut can  be used for long time keep pressure work site (55-200 tons).

  7. Ultra thin hydraulic jack is used for narrow work space (10-200 tons).

  8. Electric oil pump is matched with kinds of hydraulic jacks, it has double  acting and single acting for options.

  9. Hydraulic hand pump is also used for matching with hydraulic jack, clients don’t have requirement for work efficiency.

All the tonnagestrokeheight can be customized according to client’s requirements, supply the best quality and serve. Our warranty is 2 years.


Plant display

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Suitable place
 Suitable for a wide range of applications, can adapt to a variety of places to adapt. 

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Package and Delivery

  1. Out packing: standard export wooden case

  2.  Inner packing: with careful stretch film+cardboard

  3. Lead time: 1~3 workdays when products in stock, 7~15workdays when out of stock

  4. Delivery time: Prompt delivery

Shipping Methods
 Light Weight: by international air express, within 3-7days arriving
 Heavy Weight: by ocean cargo, arriving time depends on your destination port

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