Single acting hydraulic jack made in china

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Single acting hydraulic jack

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Low height Single acting hydraulic jack

   Single acting hydraulic hollow jack

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Product structure

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Other details of Single acting hydraulic hollow jack

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 It can be used with electric hydraulic pump.

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Using method

  1. If the amount of oil in the pump body is insufficient, it is necessary to add working oil (32# hydraulic oil or 10#  transformer oil) to the pump before it can work.

  2.  Estimating the weight, by all means to avoid overloading.

  3. Selecting the jack's point of impact, and ensuring that the center of gravity of the lifting object is perpendicular to the end face of the jack. Must take into account whether the ground is soft and hard pad with tough wood, so as to avoid the risk of dumping when lifting.

  4. When workers use jack to lift heavy loads, they should be timely with tough wood to support them. The use of jacks as support is prohibited, if there is no special device to prohibit several jacks at the same time, in order to avoid imbalance and the risk of dumping.

  5.  When workers use it, the quick joint of the manual pump is firstly butted with the top, and then the position is selected, and the oil discharge screw on the oil pump is tightened, then it can work. You can loosen the oil drain screw to unload the oil cylinder.

  6.  The jack of this series is engraved with red superwarning. It is strictly prohibited to use it beyond the warning line


    • When workers use the jack, if there is an air hit phenomenon, they can relax the oil discharge screw on the pump body, and then  the pump body will be vertical up head down the air hit a few and then tighten the oil discharge screw. When it become strong, they can continue to use.

    • When there is a load, avoid unloading the quick joint to avoid accidents and damage to parts.

    • The machine uses oil as the medium, so workers must do a good job of oil and the maintenance of the machine and tools, to avoid  blockage or oil leakage.

    • Because there is much air in the cylinder in new or old hydraulic jack, the piston rod may appear small jump phenomenon. At that  time, the hydraulic jack can be inverted no-load reciprocating 2-3 times, to eliminate the air in the cavity. Because the seal does not work for a long time caused by the hardening of the seal, which will affect the service life of the  hydraulic jack, so when the hydraulic jack is not in use, workers need to reciprocate  the hydraulic jack with no-load 2-3 times every month.