Inquiry for Conductor stringing come along clamps from Malaysia

Keyword:Conductor stringing come along clamps   Time:2021-2-22 21:34:02

We have client who is looking for CONDUCTOR STRINGING COME ALONG CLAMPS .

Referring to your website , I would like to know if your products as per photo below are able to meet my client’s requirements.




Client’s Requirements :


Usage    : To pull ACSR conductor of size 300mmand 400mm(Zebra)

Rated Load          : > 35kN (300mm2)

                           : > 40kN (400mm2)

Weight                : 3.0 – 4.0 kg (300mm2 and 400mm2)

Tool’s material     : Aluminium



Appreciate if you could quote me for two (2) units of 300mm2 and two (2) units of 400mm2.


Technical details of  Conductor stringing come along clamps.png